Bayfair Fairy Saves Christmas

We all have them: those one or two pesky people on our Christmas lists who are impossible to shop for. When you’ve run through every gift guide and wandered through all the stores, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to absolve yourself of just a little of that responsibility?

Bayfair Shopping Centre is letting shoppers do just that. Struggling customers can email the center’s Fairy Gift Mother via contact information posted on the center’s website. In their emails, they can include an age group, gender and brief description of the recipient-to-be. With that, the Fairy Gift Mother will work her magic—within their budgets, of course.

Within 24 hours, shoppers will get a response with a selection of perfect gift ideas available from Bayfair retailers. For some, the service could be the gift of a saved Christmas.

Three evenings this month the Fairy Gift Mother is appearing in center to talk with shoppers in person and offer up gift ideas for their more stubborn family members and friends.

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