Art and Sustainability at Montréal Eaton Centre

Since summer, Montréal Eaton Centre has played host to a massive art installation called FRAGILE. Brainchild of urban artist Peter Gibson (known as Roadsworth), the installation is not only gorgeous — it also draws attention to topics of sustainability, being made entirely of recyclable waste materials.

“FRAGILE is our most ambitious project to date”, notes Pamela Bakalian of Montréal Eaton Centre.
“The busiest commercial centre in downtown Montréal hosting an expansive art installation created from the recyclable waste it generates… This was not only a logistical challenge. It was also a bold gesture that speaks to the Centre’s spirit and reflects the brand’s values. As a shopping centre, we represent many things and it can be difficult to express our own personality. In this context, the public spaces within our centre have editorial value. They give us a place in which to tell our story.”

In this case, the story was a popular one, bringing the center unprecedented media coverage. Part of the reason for that coverage was sheer scale — the installation spans five stories of the busy center. It also draws attention to the fact that ethical awareness is a vital part of Montréal Eaton Centre’s brand.

Want to see how they did it? Visit our Facebook page, where you can see a full making-of video of this installation. It’s worth a look.

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