Adelaide Arcade Fights for its Fountain

Progress doesn’t always come without pain, something Adelaide Arcade shoppers have learned in recent months. Rundle Mall, a rather high-profile South Australian pedestrian mall, is undergoing a $30 million transformation. As part of the big upgrade, two landmarks are at risk: the Mall’s Balls, and a historic, 125-year old fountain.

The Mall’s Balls, two 2.15-meter spheres that rest one on top of the other, have been a popular landmark and meeting spot for over thirty years, and the redevelopment plan calls for them to be moved three meters to the side. Their creator has spoken against the move, for the sake of both symmetry and effectiveness.

The balls might have to move despite objections, but it was the fountain that really drew attention: it was to be moved right out of the mall. The plan clears way for movement and emergency access in the mall, but losing the fountain was just too much for some. Adelaide Arcade reached out to its shoppers to save the fountain, which has been part of Rundle Mall since the beginning. The center circulated a petition to get shoppers on board to keep it nearby.

There’s a happy ending to this story: the Council has voted to follow Adelaide Arcade’s plan of moving the fountain closer to its entrance rather than getting rid of it entirely. The city gets its redeveloped mall and keeps its fountain—a win for everyone involved. Rare, that.

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