A Sweet Day for the SPCA

On Monday, shopping centers across New Zealand shared a tasty treat with shoppers, for a great cause.

August 30th was the second annual Cupcake Day, a nation-wide fundraiser for the SPCA. Cupcake cooks across the country registered to bake the tasty treats to sell in stalls, with all proceeds going to the SPCA.

As if the prospect of a delicious, decadent snack weren’t enough, many locations held competitions to make things even more fun. There were winners amongst cooks and consumers, for the most creative cupcake, the most extreme location for cupcake consumption, the most cupcakes baked, and the most money raised. Seperate winners were chosen among the 12-and-under set and amongst those over 13.

Art Nouveau Series 1, a cc licensed flickr photo shared by Sugarbloom Bev ;o)

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