1 Utama Has a Secret

0521garden.gifMalaysian shopping center 1 Utama has something extra to offer shoppers – the peace and relaxation of a Secret Garden.

Several years ago, the shopping center unveiled the Rainforest, a glade filled with over a hundred species of plants,  trees and fish, and a man-made waterfall. Cradled within the Rainforest are several of the center’s eateries, so diners can experience nature while enjoying a meal.

The Secret Garden is an extension of this same idea. After completing the Rainforest exhibit, its creators wanted to put their talents to further use. Shopping center director Datuk Teo Chiang Kok and botanist Dr Francis Ng put their minds to creating a garden on the roof of 1 Utama. The garden they develop represents ecosystems from around the globe, with desert plants coexisting with tropical specimens like lychee. Dr. Ng developed a unique soil mix for the garden, to keep it healthy and pest-free on the roof of the shopping center.

The garden is one of many environmental initiatives 1 Utama has undergone, including rainwater barrels that are used for center toilets, air cooling, and landscaping.

(via NST)

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