Highpoint Gives Shoppers Beautiful Valentines

katepullenIt might be nice to share your love with the world, but it’s just as important to share it with the one you adore. A Hallmark sentiment is a good start, but Highpoint is getting in on the personalization trend and helping shoppers give their loved ones just the right message for Valentine’s Day.

The center is encouraging shoppers to think big for their Valentines. Big, like a talented artist creating a custom, original work of art to share their words of love. And better yet, it’s offering them just that opportunity for free.

Highpoint is bringing in Kate Pullen and Gastón Castagnet for four days leading up to the 14th. The pair are talented illustrators who’ve been primed to be ready to work with shoppers to create beautiful typographic messages by hand in a hurry.

Shoppers just have to present a message, and Pullen and Castagnet will turn their words into a beautiful hand-crafted piece of art to take home to their Valentine. It’s a lovely gesture all around.

Pictured: Words by Kate Pullen

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The Light Launches #LeedsLoveWall

lightleedsWhen you’re in love, some times you just want to shout it to the whole world. The Light is giving shoppers a slightly more practical approach to sharing their love with the Leeds Love Wall.

A large wall has been set up in the center’s main courtyard, and it’s already filling up with messages of love. The center is encouraging shoppers to post any messages of love, be they romantic, familiar or friendly—all forms of (tasteful) love are welcome.

The Light plans to pick out a few on February 15 to mark as winners, and the lovestruck scribes behind them will get surprise gifts. And while reading the board is reserved for folks in the center, shoppers who can’t make it in can tweet @thelightleeds with their #leedslovewall messages so center staff can post their labours of love up for them.

To promote the wall, the center has been sharing inspirational messages of love on its Facebook page since it went up. It’ll stay up until the fortnight of romance is over on February 15.

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Link Centers Fall In Love With France

Ah, the French. Paris may be the City of Lights, but it’s also the city of love, launching thousands of romantic dreams. Just look at this, a wall dedicated to love, the phrase “I love you” written a thousand different ways.

LINK Real Estate is bringing that romantic spirit to its shopping centers just in time for Valentine’s Day this year, with French treats and atmosphere and a Love Wall for its shoppers. This one isn’t yet a work of art, though – it must be filled with messages of love between its shoppers first.

A French theme runs throughout the festivities, with decorations featuring giant French pastries and a reproduction of the Eiffel Tower in amongst celebrity singers, photo-shoots and give-aways. And warm-hearted shoppers who spend more than HK 500 (about 64 USD) on any of the days leading up to Valentine’s will take home red roses or a box of French macarons.

Shoppers at Link’s shopping centers should also tally up their receipts between January 20th and February 5th. The top ten spenders over that time period will win a candlelit dinner for two at Stanley Plaza on the big day, an exclusive Valentine’s Day gift, and the chance to win even more in an instant draw.

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The Trafford Centre Finds Magic in Beauty

To those of us who are a tiny bit cosmetically-challenged, gorgeous makeovers seem more than a bit like sorcery. The Trafford Centre is taking the opportunity to recognize that wizardry with next week’s Beauty Magic event.

With Valentine’s Day just a few short weeks away, it’s the perfect time for shoppers to indulge in a pre-spring update to their personal styles. Each event that makes up Beauty Magic weaves a little spell craft into that goal. Like, for example, Spellbound: Selfridges fragrance experts demonstrate their most hypnotic lotions and potions, and shoppers can take on a bit of alchemy of their own with special mixology sessions that helps them discover their perfect fragrances.

The Body Shop and Lush are teaching shoppers to cast a few beauty spells of their own, with fairytale facials, miraculous makeovers and a big reveal of this year’s magical cosmetic secrets. Debenhams shows off supernatural (or super natural) looks. And John Lewis will teach shoppers to create illusions and glamours – or glamour.

This is also a great time to show off the center’s Magic Mirror. Shoppers can step in front and paw through different virtual outfits. Chanting “Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the best outfit of them all” isn’t necessary, but it ought to be.

Finally, what bewitching event would be complete without a secret treasure? This time, shoppers can enter to win an Eve Lom prize package worth over £500. That will certainly add some magic to one shopper’s experience.

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Be Google’s Valentine?

Google got into the Valentine’s Day spirit this year with Map Your Valentine.

The custom implementation of Google Maps allowed users to create an e-Valentine with a sweet message and send it to loved ones. But first, users could pinpoint a location with special meaning and have it marked in a heart-shaped map. And just like that, Google tied its brand to happy memories – first dates, proposals, first homes, weddings, and probably even a few Valentine’s scavenger hunts.

Your shopping center probably has played host to plenty of special moments in its time. Why not do something similar for your next big center anniversary and get shoppers to reflect on those first meetings at cafes that ended in happy relationships, those times catching up with loved ones, those wedding-dress trips, and all the good times?

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