Facebook Hits 1 Billion

Facebook gets a lot of flak for its privacy changes, site redesigns and, well, everything it does. Yet it continues to be a huge part of many lives: 1 billion of us. Over a 7th of the world uses the social networking site, which is a pretty wild achievement.

To mark this amazing milestone, Facebook released a great little video. It’s a bit self-aggrandizing, sure, but it’s also a charming reminder of this little school project that now connects so many of us to all the important people in our lives. Check it out, and go make a connection:

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Criminals Don’t Have to Read Your Mind

There may be no true psychics or mind readers out there (certainly, no one’s collected on the millions they are due if there are), but there are a number of very talented cold readers. These people make an art of convincing other to tell them everything about a deceased loved one without ever realizing what they’re giving away. It’s an interesting skill, one that’s becoming less and less necessary in this era of over-sharing. Why jump through the hoops when you can learn everything about a person on Facebook, Twitter and Google?

That’s the point of this week’s viral video, which has amassed millions of views in the past week. If your entire life is online, how easy would it be for a criminal to get access to your banking data? Is it protected by your address? Your mother’s maiden name? Your birth date? And can you say with confidence that you’ve never shared that information with any unreliable website or service?

Hence, the safer online banking campaign, created by the Belgian Financial Sector Federation. And this video, which is definitely a bit of a fright.

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BCSC Social Media Seminar

Whether you’ve gone feet first into the world of Social Media Marketing or are thinking about dipping a toe in, you might want to take a look at BCSC’s Social Media in Shopping Centres Seminar. October 4th marks the final installment of this series, and it’s sure to be a big one.

Visitors to St. Enoch Centre Glasgow will have the opportunity to discuss first-hand the findings from BCSC’s Social Media research. The event will discuss issues specific to shopping centers, and help industry members understand social media’s potential. Expect healthy debate about whether social media is a tool to drive sales, ideal for customer service, or where exactly it fits.

The program looks rich in thought-provoking content, so be sure to take a peek. And if you are planning to attend, you might want to consider registering for the BCSC Scotland Drinks Evening too for a chance to relax and get to know some of your industry peers.

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Highpoint Unveils In-Center Pinboard

Pinterest is pretty cool, but it’s only really a good way to keep shoppers thinking about your retailers’ fashions when they’re not in the center. How about a pinboard that works for the shoppers while they’re in your center?

That’s what Highpoint Shopping Centre has put together for its Spring fashion season—specifically, the Spring Style Board. Using technology designed exclusively for the center, shoppers in the center can search for key items from Highpoint retailers, compare styles and collect their favorite pieces into a custom, personal style board.

Once a shopper has put her style board together, she can take it on the go: the system will email it so it can be taken on a shopping trip or shared on Facebook.

“We see the Spring Style Board as a way to bring the online shopping world into centre,” said Highpoint’s centre manager Scott Crellin. “It gives our customers the convenience of a quick online search to find the item they are after, while having all our retailers at their fingertips so they can try on, touch and feel the product before making their purchase.”

And that right there is where Pinterest misses out: nothing ever looks as great out of a parcel as it does expertly posed for pinning. A chance to get up close and personal before purchasing? Well that’s just what shopping centers are perfect for.

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Social MedKLM Makes Flying More Social

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is offering an interesting new service: the opportunity to share Facebook and LinkedIn profiles with other passengers flying solo. It’s called KLM Meet & Seat, and it’s a totally optional way for flyers to make new friends—and, possibly, to avoid awkward seat-mates.

To promote the service, KLM put together a contest that gives passengers the chance to sit with their heroes. Music fans can take a flight from Amsterdam to the USA with Armin van Buuren, to go to his show and stay for three days. Or a trip with Ruud Gullit to London, with tickets to a Chelsea football match and a VIP tour. Then there’s the movie journey with Jeroen Krabbé, a fashion trip with Yfke Sturm or a design journey with Hella Jongerius. A unique opportunity to spend time with a captive audience.

Here’s the ad for the contest. It’s doing respectably in its own right, with over 2 million views to date.

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