Truly Personalized Advertising from Old Spice

We wrote about the Old Spice ad campaign recently, but on the heels of their last ad, they launched an effort that got the attention of both a huge portion of the internet and the mainstream media.

Isaiah Mustafa (the ‘Old Spice guy’) got together with a small team from Wieden + Kennedy in a Portland Studio. With a small budget and a day to kill, they put together 187 videos in response to comments from the social web – Facebook and Twitter, mostly. Some went out to individual fans who asked questions the team could run with, and many were addressed to celebrities who’ve made themselves homes online, like Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, and Alyssa Milano. Big names on the web also got nods (Perez Hilton, Anonymous, Kevin Rose), and a few brands got in on the party as well, including Starbucks and Gillette (in a clever bit of cross-marketing).

At the time of this posting, the videos range from 40 thousand views to nearly 3 million. Very little planning or scripting went into the process, and some responses went up within minutes of the team receiving the question or comment. A four-video series charts a sweet (though one-way) flirtation between Mustafa and Alyssa Milano as she responded to his videos on her Twitter account. And at the end of the day, a tired-looking Mustafa filmed a farewell for all his fans that we’ll include here. But be sure to click through and watch some of the videos on the Old Spice channel (under “Responses”). They’re a great example of what a creative and courageous marketing team can get up to.

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Reverse Garbage Keeps Landfills A Little Emptier

June 5th is World Environment Day, a United Nations Environmental Program, and one Australian retailer is ready to celebrate.

Reverse Garbage
is an interesting retail concept. It collects the reusable, cast off items that many would consider to be junk, and turns them into treasures for a select group. For creative types, getting a hold of materials without an industrial-sized budget can be a challenge. So Reverse Garbage collects industry off-cuts and surpluses to resell for reuse to those who just need a bit of this or a touch of that.

The company is using World Environment Day to launch it’s “Plastic Fantastic!?!” exhibition at The Myer Centre. Ten local artists were selected for the show, and they dedicated themselves to working to extend the lifespan of plastic materials that would otherwise go to waste or consume vast amounts of energy in the recycling process. The pieces, which include usable items like jewelery and housewares, will be shown off with live music, short films and refreshments to mark the big day.

Recycling drives are extremely worthwhile activities. But if you can take it a step further and extend the lifetimes of the items you collect, you’re doing the planet an even bigger favor.

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Insider’s Tip of the Week: Kathy Nunes

tip_nunes___associates.gifEach week, we feature tips from industry insiders. Have a tip to share with our readers? Let us know.

This week’s tip is from Kathy Nunes, President of Nunes & Associates:

“I love the challenge of coming up with great mall marketing ideas on a small budget. During my years as a marketing director, I dreaded Halloween costume contests. The logistics and staff to sign up hundreds of kids, judges bailing out at the last minute and irate parents who thought their child should have won.

So, I came up with a better idea for an event where children and the hungry would all be winners. I got a stand-up cardboard of a famous character, a backdrop with a few props and made a big sign proclaiming Cutest Goblins of (insert year) with our mall logo. I supplied the materials and arranged for volunteers from the local Food Bank to take pictures in return for a $5 donation.
Every child was a proclaimed winner with a picture showing the year and our mall logo that went right into the family photo album. The food bank was also a winner, raising thousands of dollars to feed the hungry.

It was such a big hit with parents and kids, the Cutest Goblins Of The Year became a popular annual tradition that received lots of publicity. Best of all, I never had to run another Halloween costume contest ever again.”

Want to get more small-budget ideas? Call Kathy at (408) 371-6123 or 800-280-1589.
You can also e-mail Kathy or visit Nunes & Associates online at

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Reader Profile: Sally Bonner

profile_sally_bonner.gifName: Sally Bonner
Titles: Marketing Manager, Beenleigh Marketplace and Assistant Marketing Manager, Grand Plaza Shopping Centre
Location: Browns Plains and Beenleigh, Qld, Australia

How long have you been at this property?
I joined the Grand Plaza Team in 2006 and then began working at Beenleigh Marketplace in a dual role across both centers in 2008.

How many years of experience do you have in the shopping center industry?
I began my shopping center career at QueensPlaza, another Colonial First State Property Management center in 2005. While I was in university, I worked in the marketing department at Myer which provided a great introduction to retail marketing.

How many awards have your properties won during your tenure?
During my career at Grand Plaza Shopping Centre, the property has received the following awards and/or recognition:
•  CFSPM Marketing Awards 2007 Winner – Nine Dots Consumer Insights Award for Grand Plaza’s “BIG on Living!” branding campaign.
•  Shopping Centre News Australia & New Zealand Marketing Awards 2007 Finalist – Grand Plaza’s “BIG on Living!”
•  ICSC’s Maxi Awards 2007 — Finalist for Grand Plaza’s “BIG on Living!”
•  Property Council of Australia Queensland Shopping Centre of the Year Awards 2007 – Finalist.

What is your primary goal this year?
To implement innovative campaigns that strengthens the centers’ relationships with target customer segments, while cementing their positions in the marketplace. Finding new ways to communicate and interact with customers, such as Twitter, Facebook, e-mail and SMS. It is vital to communicate with customers how they want to be communicated with, especially in such a cluttered retail environment.

What is your biggest challenge this year?
Keeping retailers enthused in the current downturn and continuing to implement high-impact retailer support initiatives on a limited budget.

Can you offer one tip to other mall marketing professionals?
Surround yourself with people that challenge, inspire and respect you. Keep the passion alive by reading, researching, networking and sharing ideas with other marketing managers.

Thanks Sally!

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Insider’s Tip of the Week: Sebastian J. Puccio

tip_consolidated_display.gifEach week, we feature tips from industry insiders. Have a tip to share with our readers? Let us know.

This week’s tip comes to us from Sebastian J. Puccio, President of Consolidated Display Co., Inc:

“With budgets being tight these days, consider ordering early to maximize savings. If you have the space, manufacturers and suppliers will usually give larger than normal discounts in order to move inventory off of their shelves and increase cash flow in a normally slow time period. Also, just like “comfort foods” ease the burdens of these dire times, customers respond to the things they remember when they were kids and went to the mall with their parents. A visit with Santa, colored lights, red and green decor and, a “white Christmas” all go hand in hand with the holiday trip to the mall.”

Want to know more?

Contact Sebastian at 1-888-851-SNOW or 1-630-851-8666. You can also e-mail him.
Visit Consolidated Display Company online at

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