NAB Puts Honesty on the Big Screen

The National Australia Bank believes in the rewards of honesty. But just in case honesty isn’t its own reward, it set out to make the honest feel extra special.

Setting up at an Australian shopping center, the bank invented its own special lost property booth, then set a trap: a pair or “lost” sunglasses. Then the folks involved sat back and waited for someone to take the bait. It wasn’t out to catch a thief, though—just the occasional honest citizen.

Anyone who brought the lost property back to the booth were in for a surprise: a massive public display of thanks. Now, whether that was a reward or an uncomfortable amount of attention is in the eye of the beholder, but you can’t say it wasn’t impressive.

You can see one of the resulting ads right here:

Here’s the question, though: was this set up itself honest? Or did NAB use a little movie magic to make this happen? The truth is out there, but I want to believe.

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Bayfair Shopping Centre Seeks a Customer Service Champion

Many internal shopping center award schemes recognize retailers. But when it comes to the day-to-day operations in each store, it’s the front line retailer workers that are really the face of your center. Bayfair Shopping Centre is setting out to make those workers feel appreciated with its Customer Service Champion awards.

Throughout September, the center is taking in shoppers’ tales of outstanding customer service. Shoppers can either pop by the center’s information desk for a ballot or they can tell their story in an online contact form. When all the entries are collected, one lucky shopper will get a little good karma back in the form of a $1000 center gift card.

With that sorted out, a panel of five Bayfair retail managers will gather to read through the entries and select ten finalists. To ensure a well-judged result, the center has contracted an independent professional mystery shopper to run the finalists through their paces. Each will be given a certificate of achievement, and the overall winner will be crowned Customer Service Champion 2011, walking away with a trophy and a $1,000 Bayfair gift card.

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Meadowhall Rewards Outstanding Retailers

Meadowhall is looking to reward its retailers for being the best they can be, and it wants shoppers to help find the retailers who are particularly worthy of recognition.

To prepare for its 2011 Retail Awards, the center has set up a voting microsite. Shoppers can cast their votes for their favorite retailer in all sorts of categories: Ladies’, Men’s, Independents, Food, Department and more. It’s also set up a web gallery so shoppers can vote for Best Store Design and Best Window Display.

In exchange for coming up with votes in a staggering 14 categories, voters will be entered to win some great prizes. Up for grabs are a spa day for two at a four-spa hotel, a Meadowhall gift bag including a gift card, The Modern Girl’s Guide to Fabulousness by the center’s beauty expert, Bethanie Lunn and assorted goodies, and four individual center gift cards for the runners up.

To reward the retailers, Meadowhall has found sponsors for several of the big-time awards. PR agency MK is sponsoring the Excellence in Public Relations Award, Smith Young Property Consultants is sponsoring the Retailer of the Year Award, Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry will sponsor the Excellence in Customer Service Award, Clipper Logistics Group is sponsoring the Best Store Design Award, and Stagecoach Supertram is sponsoring the Best Window Display award.

Written by Nissa on August 24, 2011 – 5:59 pm -
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Get your nominations in for the Mary Lou Fiala Fellowship

Know a young person in the retail real estate industry who is putting all his or her peers to shame with drive and devotion? You should consider nominating them for a Mary Lou Fiala Fellowship.

Now in its second year, the fellowship was created by ICSC Foundation to recognize outstanding professionals under the age of 30 who demonstrate a commitment to retail real estate, and who have the potential to make a lasting contribution to the industry.

The winner of the fellowship will receive the resources to help them become an industry leader, including a one-year mentorship with an industry leader, an all-expense-paid course of study at the John T. Riordan School of Professional Development, an invitation to attend RECon, and the honor of participating in a number of speaking engagements at industry events during the award year.

You can nominate a candidate online before March 9th. You can also self-nominate if you believe you’re the person the foundation is looking for. Just know that you need to have worked in the industry for at least 2 years, and you need to be able to live in the United States at your own expense throughout the year of the fellowship.

Check out the eligibility requirements, and then apply here.

Written by Nissa on February 23, 2011 – 5:08 pm -
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Metrocentre Finds a Family Hero

Earlier this year, Capital Shopping Centres began its search for the Unsung Family Heroes of the UK. We told you a bit about it in May.

Now one of Capital’s centers has found its Unsung Family Hero. Metrocentre has announced that local youngster Molly Robinson has been named Capital Shopping Centre’s ‘Unsung Family Hero 2010’. The nine-year-old was awarded a £500 prize at a recent ceremony at metrocentre with her proud family looking on.

Molly was chosen as Metrocentre’s regional winner earlier this summer, and was then entered into the National Final where she was selected as overall winner. Molly’s mother Karen was diagnosed with cancer when Molly was only three, and she was a priceless help through her mother’s battle, helping around the house and lifting her spirits when she felt low. Despite her young age, she’s also worked hard to raise awareness and money for cancer charities.

After being presented with her prize Molly said: “I was so excited to win the National competition it means so much to me and my Mum, everyone is so proud. I am putting my £500 prize towards a family holiday.” Molly and her family enjoyed also enjoyed VIP day at the Metrocentre, with a meal, some entertainment at the bowling alley and cinema, and a bit of shopping too.

Written by Nissa on August 25, 2010 – 4:09 pm -
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