Fridays Get Frightful at The Rocks

At Sydney’s The Rocks, Friday nights are about to get weird. The shopping district, delightfully historical with its meandering alleyways and cobblestone streets, is dedicating the next month and a half of Fridays to The Village Bizarre.

Shoppers that visit on Friday nights will find the usual assortment of shopping and dining opportunities, but the gaps in between will be filled with the fantastic, the frightful and the fun.

The Rocks hasn’t given away this year’s surprises, but last year the Village Bizarre was chock-full of oddities. There was the Cabinet of Curiosities, from which poured circus and cabaret artists, contortionists, burlesque artists and other anachronistic types. A trip out into the laneways may have been met with other shoppers learning Zumba or dirty dancing steps. There was even a pedal-powered cinema.

Retailers also got in on the act, with classic shoe-shines, creative hair styling and a special, bunny-eared bar.

That last image is the one that encompasses this year’s Village. The vision of a mask-clad revelers travelling through the streets with blank bunny eyes is a haunting, compelling one, and you can see how The Rocks is using it right here:

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The Port Arcades Turn 21

Turning 21 may not be as big a deal in the UK as it is in the US, but every birthday deserves to be marked. The Port Arcades recently marked its own 21st with a wild giveaway, to the potential tune of a staggering £21,000.

It’s a heartbreaker of a story, actually. Shoppers who spent £10 or more on the big day were given a chance to enter a Cash Grabber booth to play for their chance to go on to the Key of the Door final. Over the course of three heats, 21 finalists were made it through round one to pick out their keys. One of the 21 keys would open a big blue door.

Nick Jones from Ellesmere Port just happened to swing by the center that day, and ended up making it through to the second round. His key, lucky number 19, opened the door, giving him the chance to win the grand prize £21,000.

Presented with 100 sealed envelopes and only one pick, Nick narrowed it down to a choice between 7, the date of his son’s birth, and 77, the number his brother called out from the audience. One would prove to be the big winner, but not the right one. Envelope 7 was his pick, and the £21,000 cheque was to be found in envelope 77.

Though it wasn’t meant to be, Nick still left on a good note. His unlucky choice won him £210, a bottle of champagne and a hearty congratulations from center management. “It was all good fun,” he said. “I wasn’t expecting the open the door. In fact I couldn’t believe it when it opened.”

Marketer Michelle Pickstock added, “It was lovely to see how many people watched the final and cheered Nick on. The whole centre was willing him to pick the £21,000 envelope.” What a birthday that would have been, eh?

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Park View Fights Off the Undead

It sounds like a lovely night: a film set up in the main hall of a shopping center. As part of the Whitley Bay Film Festival, Park View Shopping Centre set up a screening of a classic film, inviting a select group of ticket-holders to enjoy the evening performance. Too bad things got a little bit messy.

The film, you see, was George Romero’s 1978 Dawn of the Dead. You know, the film about a deserted shopping centre and the legions of the living dead that descend upon it. Now that’s just asking for trouble, don’t you think?

Sure enough, the showing at Park View was interrupted. The arrival of shambling corpses probably should have been anticipated. Some came from the stores, others arrived down the stairs. But they kept coming, inexorably. And then members of the audience started showing signs of infection.

Tony Wilson, Head of Security at the centre, commented, “Normally we would be quick to remove some of the more violent elements from the centre, but there were too many of them. Fortunately, by the morning all the zombies had gone.” They were gently encouraged, in fact, with the clever use of the evening’s raffle prize: a plate of raw meat.

The audience didn’t seem to mind; you can see their reactions right here:

DAWN OF THE DEAD – Whitley Bay Film Festival 2012 from Primate Productions on Vimeo.

Ema Lea, organiser of the Whitely Bay Film Festival, said, “We were delighted to get permission to use the centre, and we were able to seat over 150 people. We set out deckchairs in the main mall, with drinks and popcorn. Everyone at the centre was really helpful and it was a great success.”

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Lynden Park Mall Gives Away the Best

There are only a few short weeks left of summer—we’re not sure whether to be sad or look forward to sweater weather. There is one thing we’ll definitely miss, either way: ice cream. The jingles and chimes of the ice cream truck, the sweet, cold delicious treats, it’s sure one of the best things about summer.

Or, perhaps, one of the best things in life. Lynden Park Mall’s current brand campaign is Here’s to the Best Things in Life, and one of the things they celebrated with shoppers was ice cream. Free ice cream, to be specific. Those four little letters sure make anything taste better, don’t they?

So earlier this summer, the team from Lynden Park used an old fashioned ice cream truck, wrapped it in their new branding, and hit the streets to hand out free ice cream. The sweet treat brought the center plenty of goodwill from local homeowners. Goodwill and foot traffic, that is, as the free treats included an offer to return to the center for another free cone at Laura Secord. And hey, check out the adorable costumes the team went out with below.

Talk about a delicious promotion!

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Chatswood Chase In Season

Colonial First State Global Asset Management (CFSGAM) has teamed up with Vogue Australia to bring shoppers at its centers the very best of the upcoming Spring and Summer fashion seasons with In Season. The two have prepared a wide range of fashion events for each of the developers tiers of centers.

The main difference is in the prizes up for grabs. At CFSGAM’s 17 Local centers, shoppers have a chance to win dream overseas holidays to Dubai, LA or Hawaii. Its 3 Prestige centers, including Chatswood Chase Sydney, will give customers the opportunity to win an afternoon with Vogue Australia’s fashion associate Penny McCarthy. Penny will style the winner for the afternoon, and the lucky shopper will also take away $2000 to spend on the must-have items she discovers in the process.

10 Metro centers will provide a chance to win a Glam Styling Weekend. That means flights and accommodations for two, a 2-hour styling session, a complete makeover and a gift card.

But those prizes are all just the icing on the cake of amazing fashion events. In Season’s ambassador Ricki-Lee, known for her talents in music, on television and as a model, will host a Glam Zone at many of the centers, sharing her fashion secrets with shoppers. Aside from her visit, there will be make-up demonstrations and trend styling tips.

Then there are the exhibitions. Heel Candy is an exclusive exhibition of Melissa Shoes, a look at the brand’s unique style and eco-conscious technology. There will be fashion parades and workshops, style sessions, and shopping parties across Australia.

Vogue will also be on hand, showing off behind the scenes looks at fashion photo shoots, holding intimate salon shows, and going large-scale with runway shows and style workshops.

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