Air NZ Flies High Above Middle Earth

Anyone else have tickets for the opening of The Hobbit yet? Or is that just me?

Well, clearly it can’t be just me. After all, Air New Zealand, playing off the Hobbit excitement, has pulled in nearly 9 million views. That’s not just any 9 million views, though. It’s 9 million views for an air safety video.

The airline has always been fantastic at putting together entertaining safety videos, but this might be the best yet. There’s even a couple big cameos to spot in amongst all the hobbits, dwarves and elves.

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Samsung and Freddy Wong Make A Film

Trying to reach a community online? You might want to take the example Samsung has provided: find the people that community cares about, and turn them into brand ambassadors.

Samsung gave gamer hero/filmmaker Freddy Wong a Samsung Galaxy S II to play with, and asked him to make a video. So he did. Eight million views later, I think we can say they chose correctly. The video shows off Wong’s surreal style that often merges games with reality, and it reaches out to his community. The video was posted on his channel, it advertises his projects, so it’s entirely authentic. There’s just one little plug for the Galaxy S II, and that will probably be a pretty big inspiration for the folks who look up to Wong. Brilliant, no?

The video itself is geared toward the gamer crowd, but if you’re interested you can give it a look below.

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Duck Tape Goes Stop-Motion

Duck Tape has a slight branding problem: far too many people assume it’s just an odd malapropism of “duct tape.” So it’s great to see the company standing out online, with the results of the Stuck on Duck video project. Web video creators were tasked with creating the coolest ads for Duck Tape with a $10,000 prize pool on the line, and they came up with some glorious results.

The winner is Duck Tron, a fantastic stop-motion video that plays off the whole Tron light-cycle thing. Aside from making a slick video that references a hot property, the creators brought in a web celebrity: Jay Maynard, the Tron Guy.

If this one’s just a bit too geeky for your tastes, swing by the contest side and check out the other winners. If nothing else, they show of some great DIY ideas for Duck Tape fans.

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JCPenney Finds Fashion Stars with YouTube’s Help

JCPenney has teamed up with Bisou Bisou, one of its exclusive fashion brands, to launch an online fashion campaign. The Runway Your Way Design Challenge gives JCPenney fans the chance to help their favorite new designers with fashion scholarships.

Michele Bohbot, creator of Bisou Bisou, has hand-picked four students from Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) to include in the challenge: Jenna Goldberg, Jon Rosario, Alyse Guercia and Jenny McClain. Each student created an original design that will be sold in stores and online and presented the garment for a video published on YouTube.

Fans are currently voting on their favorite, and the winning designer will receive a $2000 fashion scholarship. Voters are also entered to win a trip to LA, where they’ll be made over by FIDM and have lunch with Michele Bohbot.

Here’s the introductory video, which has nearly eighty thousand views so far.

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Google Shines a Light on Content Creators

As the owners of YouTube, it’s no big surprise that when Google sets out to make a viral video, it succeeds. Over the last two weeks, it has succeeded in a huge way, launching a new campaign to push its Google Chrome browser.

The campaign, centering around the slogan “the Web is what you make of it,” shines a spotlight on some of the great content created by web users. Two of the videos from the campaign have really taken off. Dear Sophie grabbed a lot of attention as Google’s second TV ad. It’s a super sweet story of a father and daughter, and you can watch it here:

The second video of the campaign is web-only, and it’s got a lot of viral reach. It’s a look at the “It Gets Better” project, which has been reaching out to bullied LGBT youth since last fall.

Both do a great job of showing off the kind of creative, original content Google users have created. But will it get people to move to Chrome? Or does anyone even notice what browser they’re using these days?

Written by Nissa on May 18, 2011 – 3:11 pm -
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