Suzy Shier Dabbles in Augmented Reality

227layarCanadian women’s clothing retailer Suzy Shier is experimenting with online and mobile marketing with in-store app integration.

It’s working with Layar, an app that’s generally used for augmented-reality layers for magazines and print publications. When visiting Suzy Shier locations, shoppers are presented with ads that send them to the Layar app. When they point their cameras at the ad while using the app, it comes to life.

If shoppers want to see how some of the season’s hottest new looks are worn by the pros, they can simply pull out Layar, point and tap, and watch models showing them off. It’s a fairly early implementation of the augmented reality, which could ultimately bring the models and not just the ads to life in the store, but it’s leading to interesting places. We’re not too far from the day your catwalk fashion show can be superimposed on reality by any shopper that stops by center court after it ends.

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Stockland Merrylands Treats Facebook Fans

Everything is better when it’s a little more exclusive. Stockland Merrylands upped the ante of its most recent VIP evening by making it the center’s first ever Facebook Party.

Customers were invited attend the party – a three hour sales event – through Facebook. Two hours before the event commenced, secret sales and special hours started to show up on the center’s Facebook page. Shoppers who used their mobile devices to check in at the center got the inside scoop on the proceedings.

42 secret Facebook retailer sales were held from national and independent retailers, including Angus & Coote, Best & Less Kids, Betts Shoes, Cotton On, Crossroads, Crust Pizza, Forcast, Jay Jays, Jeanswest, Katies, Prouds, Tarocash, Yd and many more.

A paparazzi photographer roamed Stockland Merrylands throughout the night, capturing photos of customers in stores and walking the red carpet. A DJ playing the event brought the atmosphere to a new level.

Shoppers who weren’t able to make it to the party weren’t left out in the cold, either. Prizes and giveaways were given to Facebook fans via the page all night. In-mall, promotional staff roamed the center, assisting customers and handing out special prizes.

Center manager Craig Piper said the captivating event was a distinctive and successful introduction into the digital realm.

“The Facebook Party was executed well and created a buzz in the Centre. The event combined the marketing elements that our team is focused on – targeted marketing, digitally focused, retailer centric, and experience driven – all in a highly measurable format.”

“Our customers were engaged on a new level, requesting that more of these events are held in the future,” he added.

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Westfield Unveils the Future of Fashion

Shoppers are due to be blown away at Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City this spring. Futurefashion merges the best of digital technology with all the benefits of hitting the mall.

You know how fashion-savvy shoppers flock to sites like Pinterest to personalize and share their tastes? Westfield is leveraging Minority Report-style tech to bring that experience into the mall. The season’s most sought-after fashion and trends, including tribal, retro, brights and candy, will be displayed on five digital show-stopping 103” touch-screens. Shoppers can interact with the galleries, dragging pieces onto a virtual canvas to create their favorite looks for the season. Once they’ve perfected their looks, they can share them on Westfield’s gallery and their own Facebook and Twitter accounts. Of course, they can also have a shopping list sent straight to their inboxes.

Even better, each item has a QR code attached, and shoppers who make use of those codes will not only have an easy time finding the item they want to buy, they’ll also get a discount in the process.

Fashion lovers will also have a chance to take in a whirlwind fashion show, donning 3D glasses to take in an immersive three minute fashion show produced by Westfield. In those three minutes, they’ll be treated to a 3D catwalk showcasing more than 70 looks of the very best in spring/summer style.

“It is important for us to respond to the rise of the online retail world which offers the convenience of browsing and buying at the click of a button,” explained Myf Ryan, general manager marketing UK. “We hope that by introducing new ways to interact with fashion through the latest technology in a retail environment, the boundary between bricks and mortar and online shopping will blur and a new age shopper who can seamlessly shift between both will emerge – more empowered than ever in how they shop.”

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DSF Goes Digital

It’s not as if the Dubai Shopping Festival isn’t already humongous. The festival brought a reported 15.1 billion AED (about 4 billion USD) into the Dubai economy last year, and this year should be better than ever. But even a retail behemoth needs to indulge in marketing if it wants to keep growing.

Surprisingly, this is the first year the Dubai Events and Promotions Establishment has taken to social media to actively promote the festival. It has started out with a pair of promotions that span Twitter and Facebook, two sensible starting points. But both promotions enthusiastically encourage shoppers from around the world to engage with the brand and keep coming back, which isn’t simple at all.

On Twitter, the group is running Tweet 2 Win, a promotion that asks shoppers to retweet a daily message to be entered to win a voucher for AED 100 from Mirdif City Centre. The end of the promotion will see one winner relaxing with a 3 night stay at Pullman Mall of the Emirates. Each day, the account offers up a fresh new link to enter the draw.

Meanwhile the group is also running a Facebook puzzle promotion. Each day visitors can solve the puzzle to be entered to win a weekly prize that includes four round-trip tickets to Dubai, hotel accommodation and gift certificates to be used during the festival season. The puzzle is a great promotional image for the festival, so already interested visitors will continue to be exposed to the marketing message.

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DDR Ventures Into Geo-Fence Territory

Since the dawn of the smart phone era, retailers and shopping centers have moved away from text message marketing and into check-ins, QR codes and personalized apps. But those things have their down sides – they’re platform specific and require shoppers to mess about with downloading and using external applications. That’s a higher barrier than some people are interested in climbing to receive your marketing message.

So DDR is investing some of its marketing capital in ValuText, a new program that reaches out to mobile shoppers no matter their platform. The program uses geo-fencing, which defines virtual borders, to target shoppers within its centers with deals and discounts.

By focusing on marketing from its retailers DDR has leveled the playing field between its major retailers and smaller shops. All of them will have opportunities to reach customers after they arrive in the shopping center, giving everyone a shot at attracting walk-ins.

ValuText is, of course, opt-in only – shoppers can text to opt-in, or sign up online. And because geo-fencing technology is compatible with nearly every modern mobile phone, retailers can be sure they’re reaching everyone who wants to hear what they have to say.

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