Mic Mac Mall Goes Looking For Love

Mic Mac Mall is looking for a little love. The shopping center wants two things, and it’s willing to give a little in return.

First up, it’s looking for some love stories—stories of the history that shoppers share with the center. It opened a microsite at mymicmac.ca and has been taking submissions over the last month. Shoppers have shared their stories of bringing their children to meet Santa, of winning the center’s contests and attending its special events.

At the same time, it’s taking ideas. If shoppers want to see changes, new stores and more, they can post their submissions online. Other shoppers can lend their support to the ideas, but it’s not a popularity contest—it’s a chance for Mic Mac Mall to see what shoppers really care about.

While it isn’t a popularity contest, it is a contest. Each and every day the center holds a draw and awards one submitter a $50 center gift certificate. Their photos get posted online, creating a whole tapestry of people who really care about their mall.

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J.C. Penney Rebuilds its Brand

It’s been a while coming, but we’re finally starting to see the results of Ron Johnson’s new reign at J.C. Penney. And those results are quite the shakeup.

The retailer is doing away with coupons, crack of dawn deals and strict return policies. It’s a big change, and it may be a steep climb to sell it both internally and externally.

So J.C. Penney is pulling out the big guns to reach its target demographics. New spokesperson Ellen is doing a great job of sharing the message: change is good, and shopping has changed for good. There’s a microsite dedicated to the changes, and a whole series of videos.

This one captures the spirit of the campaign the best:

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L.L.Bean Celebrates 100 with 1,000,000 Moments

When you’re 100 you deserve to have a pretty big birthday bash. That’s exactly what L.L.Bean is doing for its 100th—partying all year long with its Million Moment Mission.

The retailer is looking to collect a running history of all the ways it has impacted the lives of its customers. For each L.L.Bean story that’s posted on the the mission’s microsite, the retailer will donate $1 to support the National Park Foundation’s programs for kids, up to $1 million.

It’s not just stories that L.L.Bean values, though—it’s connections. Shoppers can create moments with posts on Facebook, messages on Twitter, check-ins on Foursquare, and comments on blogs. Even views on YouTube count. Seems like that lofty million moment goal might just be possible.

As part of this promotion the retailer has also crafted a cool giveaway. Rather than offer up a particular prize, participants are asked to describe their perfect outdoor moment, and all the gear they’d need to make that happen. A team of experts will look at one winning entry each day and create a custom prize package based on the entrant’s goals and ideas. Each prize can be worth up to $500, and each entry creates another moment and another $1 donation.

Sounds like a million great opportunities to connect with its customers, and what a birthday celebration that will be.

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Richmond Centre Teaches Christmas To All

Most of us probably feel like Christmas is universal at times — it’s so all encompassing at shopping centers and in the media that it’s easy to forget that plenty of people don’t celebrate.

But what about those who want to, but haven’t had the chance? Richmond Centre, for instance, serves a population that includes many recent immigrants to Canada. Christmas may well seem impenetrable to those who haven’t grown up with it — a man dressed in red breaks into your house to leave presents, and fills up the socks you nail to the fireplace? Everyone gives each other fruitcake and yet no one seems to like it? It’s all a bit mysterious when you look at it with fresh eyes.

So the center set itself to making sure this Christmas would include everyone who wanted to join in the holiday fun. On its holiday microsite, it offers an “Encyclopedia of Christmas” filled with charming (but accurate) explanations of most Christmas traditions. For example, from the entry on Goodwill:

“Goodwill, in this Christmas context, simply means friendliness. If you ever gave up the swing for someone in the playground, you exhibited goodwill. If you ever shoveled snow from your neighbour’s sidewalk, you exhibited goodwill. Similarly when adults wave nicely to each other in rush hour traffic, they’re exhibiting goodwill. The topic of goodwill is worth dwelling on during Christmas because it’s what the “Spirit of Christmas” is all about. Like love, tolerance and compassion, goodwill is a gift you can’t wrap, but one of the nicest to receive.”

It’s also a great primer for anyone who’s ever been confused by some of the more regional Christmas traditions like Yule logs or Christmas crackers. And for the little ones, there are child-friendly explanations of Santa and his gift giving traditions.

For shoppers on location, the center is offering regular “School of Christmas” sessions – fun trips into the lore and facts of Christmas as taught by Santa’s crew of elves.

Speaking of the elves, Richmond Centre went all out for its elves this year. Santa has brought nearly 40 of them along, and the center is doing its best to give them all some time in the spotlight. Online, it’s seeking votes for the very best elves, who will be crowned Prince and Princess of the elves this Friday. In the center, shoppers can talk to the elves to collect their trading cards. Richmond Centre is selling a special trading card book for serious collectors, too.

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Highpoint Impresses With New Leasing Materials

Highpoint Shopping Centre is going for the triple threat in marketing its $300 million expansion to potential retailers: a leasing magazine, microsite and iPad app. This new leasing suite gives retailers everything they need to know about the development and the center, whether they prefer the information presented digitally or traditionally, online or in their hands.

The iPad application is a first for GPT Group, the center’s developer. “Using iPads is a novel way to showcase the development and reflects Highpoint’s focus on technology. This focus is also evident on the leasing microsite that makes full use of the advantages of digital technology and provides an interactive experience that simultaneously builds on the contents of the physical leasing magazine,” said The GPT Group’s Project Director, Development Leasing, Bruce Sedgwick.

The microsite is gorgeous, but beyond that, it allows retailers to view architectural fly-throughs of the proposed development and includes a tri-level interactive floor-plan to explore. News about the development is also shared on the site, letting retailers and Highpoint stay in communication about progress and changes.

“On their own, the magazine, microsite and leasing suite provide prospective retailers with all they need to know about the Highpoint development. Collectively however, the materials provide a rich and exciting experience that engages all of the users sensory channels,” Mr Sedgwick said.

As the sixth best performing shopping center in Australia, Highpoint is building for the future. The development will bring the center to new heights and is expected to include West Australia’s first David Jones, a new Woolworths and fresh food market and over 100 new retailers. It will also include community space and additional parking.

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