Stockland Shellharbour’s Mannequins Migrate

Stockland Shellharbour’s mannequins have wandered off. Not to fret, however—they’re finding their way home.

The center has launched a novel marketing campaign to draw attention to its $330 million redevelopment. That redevelopment is going to turn the center into the ultimate fashion destination, bringing in a great selection of top fashion brands. And the mannequins just can’t stay away.

Some have been spotted hitch-hiking, hailing buses and hanging out on the train as they make their migration on the center. They’ve been styled to the nines, with outfits from the center, and they’re set up all over the city to surprise and delight potential shoppers.

“This exciting campaign gives us the opportunity to market the centre a little differently, and reflects the unprecedented fashion offering now available for customers at Stockland Shellharbour,” said centre manager Brett Leonard.

Skip Waterhouse, creative director at marketing agency SapientNitro, added, “We came up with the slightly surreal concept of hundreds of shop window mannequins wanting to be a part of this amazing fashion experience, which eventually spawned the ‘Fashion Migration’ campaign.”

“It is a unique and interesting out-of-centre experience for the target market that brings the shopping experience into everyday situations in an extraordinary way,” he said.

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Tanger Goes Back to School in Style

Tanger Factory Outlet Centers is celebrating the Back to School shopping season in style—TangerSTYLE, that is.

The Fall TangerStyle Studio is a multi-channel fashion studio that highlights the latest looks and trends to find at Tanger Outlets everywhere. It’s on the company’s website, its mobile site and its social channels, and it gives Tanger shoppers a real leg up in putting together a fashionable fall or back-to-school wardrobe.

“The looks and styles you will see featured in TangerSTYLE are only a small sample of the extensive selection that each of our Tanger Outlet Centers has to offer you this fall. I enjoyed working with Vanessa Lachey on this exciting campaign,” said Steven B. Tanger, president and CEO of Tanger Factory Outlet Centers, Inc. “Our goal is to educate all fashion savvy consumers about outlet shopping and let them know it is truly the best destination for brand name value. Vanessa’s great sense of style is the perfect complement to Tanger Outlet Centers’ collection of the world’s finest brand names and designer outlet store offerings.”

There are tips and tricks, outfit plans that could be ripped straight from the pages of a fashion magazine, how-to videos and a lot more. Shoppers can also play with the interactive ‘Create Your Own TangerStyle’ game that lets them create their own great looks on their computers or tablets. The three looks that other shoppers love most will win their creators gift cards ranging from $500 to $1500.

Written by Nissa on July 25, 2012 – 4:13 pm -
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Dominos Takes the Employee Search Viral, Waverley Gardens Flash Mob Gets Hits

We’ve talked about gamification before, how groups can use games (or game mechanics) to achieve real life change. Gamified apps might help you develop a workout routine, learn more easily, or, apparently, find skilled employees. It might sound odd, but Dominos Pizza Hero is leading the charge on that last topic.

It’s a game that requires many of the skills your average pizza chef might need: kneading dough, spreading sauce, sprinkling cheese, placing toppings—all virtually, of course, but analogous to their real life counterparts. If players can achieve those goals quickly and successfully enough, they’re presented with a real application to work at Dominos.

According to Kotaku, the campaign is too new to know how successful it will be, but the idea seems sound. Now think about all the retail time management games out there, all about helping customers, making them happy and checking them out in a timely fashion. Seems like there might be some potential, there.

Now, we don’t want to leave you without a video this week, so check this out. Waverley Gardens in Melbourne surprised shoppers with a flash mob staring dancers, retailers and the center’s walking club. The video was endorsed by Timomatic, the artist whose music is featured in the video. That’s good for several thousand views right there.

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J.C. Penney Rebuilds its Brand

It’s been a while coming, but we’re finally starting to see the results of Ron Johnson’s new reign at J.C. Penney. And those results are quite the shakeup.

The retailer is doing away with coupons, crack of dawn deals and strict return policies. It’s a big change, and it may be a steep climb to sell it both internally and externally.

So J.C. Penney is pulling out the big guns to reach its target demographics. New spokesperson Ellen is doing a great job of sharing the message: change is good, and shopping has changed for good. There’s a microsite dedicated to the changes, and a whole series of videos.

This one captures the spirit of the campaign the best:

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Philips Reaches Out To New Moms

Its a well known fact that babies bring pageviews. Just look at “Charlie bit my finger – again!,” still one of the top videos on YouTube with over 425 million views. Or Evian’s Roller Babies, which topped the viral ad charts for a ridiculously long time.

To promote its AVENT line of baby care products, Philips is trying to tap into a little bit of that success. The company has gathered tips from seven new moms who are trying to figure out how to make their little ones go to sleep. By following these moms around and filming their attempts, Philips chronicled what worked and captured seven adorable sleepyheads on film.

Then it commissioned a darling lullaby to go along with the visual, and magic was made. Check it out here, along with a couple hundred thousand other viewers:

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