Coquitlam Centre Plans a Clean Christmas

1218germsVisiting Santa at the mall is an important annual tradition—so important, some parents will bring their children out no matter how bad their little winter flus are. It’s a recipe for disaster for Santa, his elves, and everyone else in line.

This year, Coquitlam Centre is going on the offensive against the spread of winter germs. No families will be going home with fresh colds or flus if they have anything to say about it, thanks to the center’s Germ Fighter Program—a collection of common-sense public health measures that will make this a happier holiday for everyone involved.

For the course of Santa’s stay at the center, staff will take on a number of precautions. Santa’s chair, the cash desk and Santaland’s fencing all get disinfected four times a day. Hand sanitizer stations are set up at the entrance and exits. Santa’s Helpers will even hand out sanitary wipes to people waiting in line.

Santa has a number of precautions of his own, like changing his gloves every two hours like clockwork, and making sure his beard isn’t of the hard-to-clean synthetic sort.

But the real trick is to stop flus from spreading at their source. To manage that, the center is taking a few big steps. It’s hired additional Santa staff to make sure everyone that does catch cold can go home and rest. Signs are posted asking parents “to be considerate of other little ones and delay visiting Santa if your child has any flu symptoms.” And if that message doesn’t stick, Santa staff have been watching out for any children that seem to be sick. To soften the blow of being asked to come back when the little ones are feeling better, parents get a voucher for a free Santa Photo if they’re willing.

And since Santa’s not the only vector for spreading colds, the center is also putting similar precautions into place anywhere kids tend to gather: its Play Park, Kids Interactive Lounge, Stroller Corrall, Parents’ Room, and at Guest Services. Coquitlam Centre also offers year-round ‘Germ Fighting’ hand sanitizer stations.

With these precautions and a little luck, hopefully everyone will have a healthy Christmas season.

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Monmouth Mall Shoppers Go Red, Tell Stories

220goredLast weekend, Monmouth Mall played a big role in raising awareness for women’s health. The center hosted the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women Share Your Story and Health Expo.

Go Red for Women has a long and renowned history of raising awareness of the risks of heart disease and stroke to women, and at the event last weekend, Monmouth Mall shoppers had a chance to share their own stories.

The association invited shoppers to visit the food court, where they could film a short message about their own experiences with heart disease or stroke. They were looking for survivors, those working hard to make healthy choices, people who’d lost a loved one—anyone with a story to tell. Those stories were filmed for a New Jersey Goes Red video.

That was just part of the big day, though. The free event also included CPR demonstrations, mini-makeovers, games, prizes, music and health screenings.

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Fareham Center Supports Dementia-Friendly Communities

912farehamFareham Shopping Centre is taking care to ensure some of its most vulnerable locals will be safe within its walls. It has just wholeheartedly backed the pilot scheme for Dementia Friendly High Streets, an initiative of the Hampshire Dementia Action Alliance.

Centre manager Mike Taylor supported the scheme enthusiastically, seeing a host of potential benefits to his center and the community.

“We have been working hard on our customer service element of delivery and when we were approached to get involved in the pilot scheme we could see it worked for us on a number of levels,” he said. “The team at Fareham will continue to provide valuable feedback in terms of identifying as yet unforeseen challenges”.

Center staff has been working with Alliance coordinators and volunteers to learn more about how to keep the center dementia-friendly, and have been encouraging stores to get on board as well.

“If our staff are more aware of dementia it helps our customers to feel more confident when they shop with us and it is an important part of our customer service delivery, we mean it when we say we care about people,” said Taylor.

Representatives from the Dementia Action Alliance are also staffing a kiosk at the center every Monday morning so shoppers with questions can drop in to learn more about dementia-friendly communities.

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Walgreens Makes Walking Extra Rewarding

We’ve posted a couple links here about the concept of “gameification,” that is, using game design techniques to motivate and encourage people in real life activities.

Walgreens has wholeheartedly embraced this idea with a new initiative: Walk with Walgreens. It’s a web community focused on daily walks. Walgreens shoppers can sign up, take walks, and earn rewards in the form of coupons and deals.

The retailer makes it easy for shoppers to earn rewards. They can register on the Walk with Walgreens microsite and start tracking walks. There are two ways to track steps: for those without a pedometer, the site includes a Google Maps integration that will calculate steps taken on a given route. Those with a pedometer can just track steps themselves, and for those that lack one and want one, Walgreens offers a convenient coupon.

As participants reach step milestones, the site offers them special deals, coupons and freebies. Walgreens also selects four active walkers each week to reward with a $100 gift certificates.

The site isn’t all about playing the walking game, though. There’s also a large volume of more traditional motivational techniques. Allison Sweeney, host of The Biggest Loser, stars in videos that encourage and educate participants, and a number of other fitness gurus are on board, blogging and writing about getting fit.

Is it working? It sure seems like it. Over 2 billion steps have already been logged.

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Santana Row Welcomes Spring’s Market Season

Santana Row takes great care to celebrate the changing seasons, with promotions that reward shoppers for the weather, keeping them dry in the rain and refreshed in the sun. Now spring has arrived, and hopefully weather extremes are off shoppers’ minds for a little while.

And with spring comes the start of a new year of Farmer’s Markets. The center held a Grand Opening for the new season on Sunday, and kicked things off well with a Healthy Living Day. The free event was dedicated to eating right, exercising and living a heart- and mind-healthy lifestyle.

To get the event going, Ada Wong of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” made a special appearance on the Park Valencia stage to talk about her own health journey on and off the show. She shared her own tips and secrets for eating right and staying fit, and then led a free cooking class with chefs from the center’s restaurants. They demonstrated nutritious, easy-to-make dishes using fresh produce from the market.

The center was also offering a $5 Farmer’s Market canvas tote bag that came with $2 of “Carrot Cash” good towards purchases made at the market. Santana Row will donate 100% of the proceeds to hunger relief.

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