Dominos Takes the Employee Search Viral, Waverley Gardens Flash Mob Gets Hits

We’ve talked about gamification before, how groups can use games (or game mechanics) to achieve real life change. Gamified apps might help you develop a workout routine, learn more easily, or, apparently, find skilled employees. It might sound odd, but Dominos Pizza Hero is leading the charge on that last topic.

It’s a game that requires many of the skills your average pizza chef might need: kneading dough, spreading sauce, sprinkling cheese, placing toppings—all virtually, of course, but analogous to their real life counterparts. If players can achieve those goals quickly and successfully enough, they’re presented with a real application to work at Dominos.

According to Kotaku, the campaign is too new to know how successful it will be, but the idea seems sound. Now think about all the retail time management games out there, all about helping customers, making them happy and checking them out in a timely fashion. Seems like there might be some potential, there.

Now, we don’t want to leave you without a video this week, so check this out. Waverley Gardens in Melbourne surprised shoppers with a flash mob staring dancers, retailers and the center’s walking club. The video was endorsed by Timomatic, the artist whose music is featured in the video. That’s good for several thousand views right there.

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A Pair of Musical Holiday Ads to Charm and Delight

Christmas is a musical time, so as we head off for our own holidays let’s share a little musical joy.

We have two takes on holiday music, both at US shopping centers. The first is a part of T-Mobile’s always-impressive Life is For Sharing campaign (though it seems to have dropped that tagline for this particular video). Director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon and Musical Director Paul Mirkovich brought together an amazing surprise performance at Woodfield Mall, one that makes a fantastic video. Just when it seemed that flash mobs were going completely stale, we’re given one of such scope and glamor that it will be a challenge to surpass.

The song is also the perfect uplifting anthem to bring a little joy to these last few busy days before Christmas. No lie, it brought tears to our eyes.

The second video we want to share with you is smaller, older and far less popular, but if you’re up for a laugh it’s a great watch. Normally offbeat local advertising can be totally cringe-worthy, especially when it involves hip-hop. But something about this Fairlawn Plaza holiday ad from last year just makes us smile. It’s presented with just the right amount of self-effacing humor that it’s positively charming.

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Polynesian Dance Mob Brings Lahaina Cannery Mall Shoppers in from the Beach

There’s nothing better than a day at the beach… unless it’s a day at the beach with fantastic entertainment.

That’s what visitors to Kaanapali Beach were treated to last month. Seemingly out of nowhere, the sounds of Polynesian percussion rose over the beach. As the music played, more than 20 youth got up from their beach towels and began to dance. The dancers were students from Te Tiare Patitifa, a halau (school) based in Wailuku. The group’s director, kumu hula Keoni Manuel, choreographed the performance. A flash mob, yes – but one that brought a little traditional culture to everyone’s day.

“It’s a bit unconventional, but we’re proud to showcase the talent of our performers – especially the kids – and promote the culture of our islands,” said Lynn Okamoto, general manager of Lahaina Cannery Mall. “There have been other flash mobs in Hawaii, but they’re dancing to Katy Perry and Usher. We wanted to represent the host culture. We wanted to share a little aloha.”

Along with sharing that aloha, the dancers were recruited by Lahaina Cannery Mall to promote the 13th annual Keiki Hula Festival that was held at the center a few days later.The two-day event featured halau from across Maui County presenting richly choreographed kahiko (ancient hula) and auana (modern) hula that express the traditional values of Hawaii and the Pacific Islands.

Best of all? The dance was filmed. If you want to see talented youngsters dancing their hearts out for a surprised crowd, check it out:

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NRF Compiles Guidelines for Preventing Criminal Flash Mobs

Flash mobs are fantastic when they’re done right. They bring unexpected joy and give shoppers the sense that they may find unexpected delight at your center at any moment.

But when you’re not expecting them either, they can easily turn into a disaster. They could simply be unexpected disruptions, or they could be a legitimate danger. We’ve all heard rumours of criminals that use flash mobs as a distraction for criminal activity, and now there is growing concern that criminals are using flash mob tactics like social media organization and group swarming to disorient retail employees and pull off major robberies.

The National Retail Federation’s Retail’s Big Blog has compiled some disturbing statistics:

In July, the National Retail Federation (NRF) polled 106 U.S. retail companies to gauge the impact of multiple offender crimes. Here’s what we found:

  • Over three-quarters (79%) of retailers report being a victim of a multiple offender crime in the past 12 months
  • 10% of the companies polled reported being victimized by multiple offender criminals who used flash mob tactics in the past 12 months
  • Half of these companies have experienced 2-5 incidents in the same period

You can read more of their findings in the full article here.

To help retailers cope with this awful trend, the NRF has put together guidelines on preventing and responding to these multiple offender crimes. The prevention guidelines in particular are quite relevant for centers as well as retailers, and are worth familiarizing yourself with. You may be able to help prevent a crime like this just by doing what may already being part of your job: monitoring social media for mentions of your center.

For the full document, visit this page.

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Metropolis Glee Club Brings Joy to Post-Riot Cleanup in Vancouver

Last week, the Vancouver Canucks lost their chance at the Stanley Cup, and the city exploded into a riot. Cars were burned, a number of retailers were broken into and looted, and millions of dollars in damage was done.

Thankfully, there’s a silver lining to the whole mess. The following day, thousands of people around the city converged downtown to clean up the mess, leave messages of support for the police and the affected retailers, and celebrate a city that is better than the chaos that happened the night before.

One of the groups that came out was the Metropolis at Metrotown Glee Club. The center put the club together earlier this year to celebrate the city’s big events, add a little joy to shoppers’ lives and draw some attention to the shopping center. The aftermath of the riot proved to be a fantastic opportunity for the club to head out and support its hometown and cheer up some people badly in need of cheering.

A lot of people were really inspired by the so-called flash mob, and they appeared on local news shows and all over social media sites. Check out some of the coverage here:

What a fantastic opportunity to spread a little joy.

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