Billings Bridge Shows Veterans Appreciation

This weekend, members of the Commonwealth will take a minute of silence to remember those who have fallen in the line of duty. Remembrance Day will be marked by poppies, parades and somber reflection.

In Canada, the lead up to Remembrance Day is Veterans’ Week, and it is a week of action. To begin that week, Billings Bridge shopping center holds an annual event to start the week and honor Canadian veterans. This year marked the 17th annual Veterans’ Appreciation Day.

The Ottawa Sun attended the event, which was headed up by Steven Blaney, Minister of Veterans Affairs. Blaney sought the opportunity to reach out to youngsters, building a bond between the veterans and the youth, to pass the torch of remembrance on to a new generation.

From the Sun,

“When it comes to carrying on the memory of Canada’s war vets, it’s all about the kids.

That was the message from Veterans Affairs Minister Steven Blaney, who spoke during a veterans appreciation event at the Billings Bridge shopping centre on Thursday.

Blaney spent almost all of his time addressing the crowd interacting with a group of students, quizzing them on everything from the significance of specific war medals to what the different colours of veterans’ uniforms signified.

Students Kiley and Sarah said they were fascinated by the stories of the different veterans, with the two 10 year olds branding the whole experience as “awesome.” Sarah said it was important to learn as much as possible about the vets “because they (risked) their lives to keep a lot of people safe.”

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The Canadian Convention is Coming Right Up

It’s just about time for the ICSC 2012 Canadian Convention, but there’s still time to register. Is there room in your schedule for a trip to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, ON, from October 15-17, 2012? If so, you know what to do.

This looks to be a big year for the convention. For one thing, the exhibit floor is looking pretty great, with more booths than ever before. In fact, it’s 100% sold out. So you’ll have a chance to meet just about every big name working with the Canadian retail real estate industry.

It’s also a great opportunity to earn a little credit—continuing education credits, that is. Pending final approval, the convention will be able to offer CE credits to anyone who heads to the show as a fully registered attendee and attends all the educational sessions offered during the convention.

While you’re taking your breaks for lunch, you’ll get to hear from Ellis Jacob, FCA, CMA, MBA and the President & CEO of Cineplex Entertainment Corp, and Michael B. Medline, President of FGL Sports Ltd. and Executive V.P. for Canadian Tire Corporation.

That is, of course, on top of a ton of great sessions, Special Industry Group networking opportunities, receptions, forums and more. You can also sign up for a breakfast session to learn about ICSC Certification.

Check it all out on the conference website.

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There Was Never a Better Time to Meet in Shanghai

By Michael P. Kercheval, President & CEO, ICSC

There are seismic swings taking place in retail and retail real estate. Emerging markets now represent the largest opportunities for development, new revenue streams and job creation. Opinions may vary as to what degree, but there can be no argument that we are witnessing an unprecedented shift in the global market paradigm. The 2012 ICSC Retail Real Estate World Summit in Shanghai (September 11-14, 2012) is where the future will unfold.

The ICSC has invited the highest profile leaders from the retail, development, lending and public sector communities ever assembled under oneroof to share their analysis, insight and forecasts on what the future holds for economies worldwide. Each of the speakers has been handpicked for his/her expertise, influence and power to affect cultural, economic and political change. Attending the ICSC World Summit provides unprecedented access to and insights from the most senior political, industry and financial markets’ representatives regarding success stories and high-level strategies for capitalizing on opportunities from the globalization of retail.

Quite frankly, never before have we faced such categorical uncertainty. This major expansion in the middle class in emerging markets will lead the world economy to rely on this key demographic as a primary source of demand.

Among the myriad issues being addressed at the World Summit are:

1. Socio Economic Wave: a booming middle class in emerging markets creates new retail opportunities

2. Plateauing of New Development: while development in mature markets may have plateaued, emerging markets will present the industry’s growth opportunities for the immediate future

3. Retailers Going Global: attendees gain insight from retailers who are already leading the way by crossing borders and broadening their brands

4. Capital Flows: Investment strategies can mean big gains and big loses — retail real estate has proven to be stable with little fluctuation

5. Collapse of Employment: other than government-subsidized programs, new retail development is the driving force in creating jobs for communities and providing a vibrant supply chain for commerce

The fundamentals of our industry are changing and these seismic shifts will impact everyone in retail and retail real estate.

For the ICSC, hosting the World Summit in Shanghai seemed a natural fit, as it is truly a microcosm for what is occurring within the industry globally. While Shanghai has positioned itself as a leading global city, it also represents an immense growth opportunity as an emerging marketplace for retailers and shopping center developers. Its burgeoning middle class will demand not only more retail space, but retail space that is better and more efficient in its operations and management.

Because Shanghai is an epicenter for this new industry paradigm, we could think of no better place to host the 2012 World Summit.

By joining other industry professionals at the World Summit, attendees will enjoy the unprecedented opportunity to engage the brightest thinkers from retail, development, government and capital markets, and gain valuable insight on how navigate this evolving industry landscape.

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Top Ryde City Falls In Puppy Love

Service dogs are a bit of a mystery to much of the public. From “can I pet him?” to “how does she know where to go?,” people are always full of questions, questions handlers may not want to be approached with while they’re going about their days. Teachable moments are all well and good, but even better to educate as many people as possible at once.

So Guide Dogs NSW/ACT is taking its show on the road with Puppy Love, which will be stopping by Top Ryde City shopping centre this weekend. It has one element that’s certain to make it a huge crowd pleaser: puppies!

Of course, those puppies come with a hefty dose of education, but seriously: puppies. Shoppers that participate will have their photos taken with future guide dogs before they go off for training. In between playing with puppies, balloon animals and face paint, though, there are plenty of great opportunities for learning.

Not only will an inspirational Guide Dog handler come and talk to the crowd, an expert will also explain how the training and fostering process works. And to really put themselves in the shoes of the visually impaired, shoppers will have a chance to undertake the blindfold challenge, where they can attempt to navigate with a white cane and blindfold.

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Introducing the BCSC Retail Property Master Class Programme

Ready to learn? BCSC has your back with its brand new Retail Property Master Class Programme, designed in partnership with Sir John Cass Business School.

This is a management-focused program, not a marketing one. But we know there are a few of you out there that are spending a lot of time thinking about these topics. It’s 8 full days of classes that will help you develop your knowledge and skills in the industry.

BCSC aims to set a new industry standard of excellence delivered through these courses. They’re split into three groupings, and participants can choose courses from any of them:

  • Diagnosing and Creating Investment Potential: Appraising the investment potential of a shopping centre and understanding how a commercially viable and integrated shopping centre can be developed.
  • Understanding and Managing the Shopping Centre Experience: Practical insights into challenges of centre management from retailer and customer perspectives.
  • Driving Shopping Centre Performance: Creating sustainable performance and using a suite of performance metrics to provide deep insights into how ongoing centre performance can be optimised.

The classes are open to members and non-members alike. Interested? There’s a lot more information to be found right here.

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