Yorkdale Shopping Centre Hits Street View

109streetviewThe days of getting lost in the mall might be coming to an end, as Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Centre has just announced a major milestone: it’s the first North American shopping center to have interior images featured on Google Maps.

The Indoor Maps project has grown to include thousands of shopping centers, airports and other destinations. Zooming down to floor level and pinpointing one’s location via GPS is great, but with the addition of Street View photos, shoppers can orient themselves with all the visual landmarks they could possibly need. And all of us can play virtual tourist and window shop from afar.

The center worked with Wisdek Corp to complete the 360-degree imagery needed.

“Wisdek’s imagery of Yorkdale Shopping Centre is another creative implementation of Google’s Street View technology and we’re thrilled to be the first shopping centre in North America to have interior images on Google maps,” said Anthony Casalanguida, General Manager of Yorkdale Shopping Centre.

Want to check it out for yourself? Visit Yorkdale Shopping Centre on Google Maps and pull the Street View icon down over locations in the center. It looks as though only certain areas have been mapped so far, but it’s a great start.

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Cross Iron Mills Meets WANDA

Digital technology crops up all over shopping centers these days. Digital signage, ads, and maps are everywhere you look. Social network integration, websites and mobile dominate center marketing. But more and more, we’re finding digital tech in the one place we spend the least time thinking about, but often the most time complaining about: the washroom.

Cross Iron Mills, for example, has taken up with washroom tech called WANDA, an acronym for Washroom Attendant and Digital Advertising network. It keeps a log of washroom maintenance, allows shoppers to alert the smartphones of managers if there’s a problem, and can even display a bit of branding and advertising during its down time.

Calgary Herald has more on this story, including how the service came to be:

“The app started when Cross Iron Mills told [Visionstate, Inc.] there was a need to improve the technology used in washrooms.

‘We thought there was a tremendous upside because if they’re having issues with their public washrooms, then probably everybody else in the market was having issues.'”

Of course, that’s not the only way technology is making public washrooms a better place, right from auto-flush to Dyson hand-dryers. Has your center jazzed up its loo? Tell us all about it.

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Get Shoppers Working For You

Need someone to do your (not so) dirty work? Here’s a novel way to get local shoppers working for you when you need them.

If you have a need for some in-house market research or demographic surveying, Field Agent might just be the app for you. It’s only available in the US iTunes store for now, but this seems like an app with growth potential. You can sign up with the service, and post a task. Field Agent users in your area can open the app and see the listings in their area, and the payment that’s on offer (payments range between $3 and $8 depending on the task). Agents are ranked for reliability, so you know the person you’re paying will be responding accurately and honestly.

It’s the latest in a series of attempts to crowdsource the mobile market, and it might be a workable one. More Agents are signing up daily, with clients lagging behind, so if you have a quick job that could use the input of the crowd, Field Agent is looking for you. The company is looking to expand the capabilities of the app, so if you have an idea for a task it doesn’t support, let them know.

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