Robina Town Centre Does Gifting Groundwork

1205giftsRobina Town Centre has put together a winner of a gift guide this year with its holiday Gift Finder.

The centre has put together a complete microsite to keep shoppers informed and prepared for the holidays. Featuring hours, Christmas promotions, and links to all the important details for the holidays, it’s sure to help shoppers stay organized.

The Gift Finder is a particular joy, however. The site features 24 broad categories of individuals—book worms, beauty addicts, hipsters and foodies, among many others—with heaps of practical and clever gifts for each. Within those categories shoppers can narrow the field further, specifying gender and price range.

Once they’ve picked out a few gifts and added them to their gift lists, they can share their lists on Facebook, email them to friends or print them. Along with the gift lists, the gift finder also provides interactive maps of the center with retailers from the list flagged in red. In green, the center has flagged dining locations and coffee shops—just in case shoppers need somewhere to stop and unwind.

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LG Gives Riders a Fright

It’s a little bit late for a scare—Halloween was last week, after all—but this week’s viral ad is too good (and successful) to miss.

As the story goes, LG wanted to give folks a bit of a scare. They put together a few of their IPS monitors, set them up in an elevator, and waited and watched to see how people would react when things got a little too real.

Whether or not the prank was real is up for debate, but the effect itself is fantastic and totally plausible. It’s a fun example of what you can do with modern tech and a bit of imagination. Plus, well, it’s fun to see what happens. Check it out, and add to its pile of nearly 14 million views:

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Parkville Center Crowdsources New Tenants

When looking for a new tenant for your center, it’s vital to consider the stakeholders—the shoppers in your area, the other retailers in your center, and other members of the public. And the best way to do that is to talk to them.

Take Parkville Shopping Center, for example. The grocery-anchored neighborhood center is in the midst of a major renovation project, and that means space to let. To help find the perfect tenants, the center turned to, a new crowd-sourcing platform.

With brochures and Facebook postings, shoppers have been asked to visit the center’s Popularise page. There, they can learn more about the redevelopment and see some of the proposed changes in concept. Then they have the chance to recommend a retailer or restaurant for the center’s few vacancies, and vote on ideas put forth by other shoppers.

“Crowdsourcing is a new term, but asking customers about their shopping preferences has always been integral to strong tenant merchandising. Social media and new technology, like Popularise, allows us to reach more people in a nontraditional way,” said Jack deVilliers, leasing agent for center owner Regency Centers.

“The success depends upon the number of people who engage with the site and the quality of leads. We hope to uncover local or regional favorites that will add further charm to a neighborhood center that has been part of the area for more than 50 years.”

Regency Senior Market Officer Alan Roth added, “Given the center’s location inside the Beltway just outside of Baltimore, leasing has never been an issue with 95 percent average occupancy over the last five years. But as we invest in this neighborhood with the center’s $1.7 million renovation and the addition of market-leading grocer Giant, we want to ensure the creation of a shopping environment that the local residents are very proud of, which includes their input on store selection.”

Popularise, by the way, isn’t just any old crowdsourcing platform. It was created by Ben and Dan Miller, Washington D.C. commercial real estate investors, to encourage local communities to bring their market knowledge, ideas and support to actively shape their neighborhoods. With any luck, Regency Centers will find a hidden gem or two for Parkville Shopping Center, as will the other commercial real estate projects featured on the site.

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DDR Ventures Into Geo-Fence Territory

Since the dawn of the smart phone era, retailers and shopping centers have moved away from text message marketing and into check-ins, QR codes and personalized apps. But those things have their down sides – they’re platform specific and require shoppers to mess about with downloading and using external applications. That’s a higher barrier than some people are interested in climbing to receive your marketing message.

So DDR is investing some of its marketing capital in ValuText, a new program that reaches out to mobile shoppers no matter their platform. The program uses geo-fencing, which defines virtual borders, to target shoppers within its centers with deals and discounts.

By focusing on marketing from its retailers DDR has leveled the playing field between its major retailers and smaller shops. All of them will have opportunities to reach customers after they arrive in the shopping center, giving everyone a shot at attracting walk-ins.

ValuText is, of course, opt-in only – shoppers can text to opt-in, or sign up online. And because geo-fencing technology is compatible with nearly every modern mobile phone, retailers can be sure they’re reaching everyone who wants to hear what they have to say.

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Bayshore’s New App Makes the Holidays Easier

Shopping center apps have made life much easier for shoppers, but could they go further? Bayshore Shopping Centre hopes so, with the upcoming launch of its E-STYLE campaign.

Part of the campaign is a virtual shopping application designed to make the shopping process much easier. One of its features is just perfect for the holidays – it includes a gift guide that offers a huge selection of gift ideas laid out for all ages and preferences. Not only that, the app will seek out the lowest price and nearest store to pick up your item.

“Over the past few years, more and more people have opted to do their Holiday shopping online,” says Angie Russell, Marketing Director for Bayshore. “The face of retail is changing quickly, and Bayshore is tremendously excited to lead the charge in adapting our services for the modern consumer.”

But not all consumers are quite that modern. Bayshore has them covered as well. While the app is going to be available on the web and on smart phones, it’s also going to be set up in the center’s state-of-the-art E-STYLE Lounge. For those looking for a more traditional customer service experience, E-STYLISTS armed with iPads will be on hand to help shoppers choose their gifts and locate them as efficiently and inexpensively as possible.

The app has been developed by Isca Solutions, and helping to build the campaign is high-tech mogul and business magnate, Sir Terry Matthews. Herieth Paul, the current face of Calvin Klein, features in campaign imagery.

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