Agana Center Celebrates Superheroes

This may be the year of the superhero. Marvel finally brought together its big name heroes in The Avengers. Then there was Spider-man’s new beginning in The Amazing Spider-Man. Finally, Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy has reached its stunning conclusion.

Guam’s Agana Shopping Center got in on the superhero fun last weekend with its Super Heroes Fest. It celebrated all things great and geeky, with video game demoes, a superhero band and a comic art competition.

Speaking with Guam Pacific Daily News, Charles McJohn, the center’s marketing manager, said, “We wanted to create a family-friendly atmosphere where people can dress up and show their inner geek.”

The center put comic artists to the test in its Super Art Fight. You know the age-old question of who would win in a fight? You know, Batman vs. Superman? Well the artists needed to make their own calls, drawing a counter to each theme the judges offered.

Shoppers who showed up dressed as their favorite heroes got a special treat: discounts at retailers throughout the center, and a chance to win big prizes in the costume contest. The winner of the contest received a costumed photo shoot with an expert cosplay photographer.

Image: Superhero Boston Terrier by Jenn and Tony Bot

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Dalton Park Shoppers Take the Yellow Brick Road

Who needs the Easter Bunny? Youngsters at Dalton Park are off to see the Wizard this weekend.

Kids will have a chance to play out all the best (and least scary) parts of L. Frank Baum’s classic tale. They’ll travel the Yellow Brick Road, where they’ll meet Dorothy, the Tin Man, Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion. They’ll also run into the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda, the good witch.

The trip from Dorothy’s House to the Emerald City of Oz is sure to be fun, and will culminate in a photo opportunity with all the characters.

To send youngsters home with a bit of the fun, TWOTTODO will be holding free craft workshops. They’re recycled craft experts and they’ll teach children to make Wizard of Oz characters from all manner of reusable household rubbish.

When the wizarding is done, there’s also an Easter egg hunt going on all week. Sounds like all sorts of magic to look forward to.

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North Star Mall Plans A Creepy-Cute Halloween

The best part about Halloween is seeing adorable children in adorable costumes. Your typical Mall-o-ween event has that covered for an hour or two one afternoon, but General Growth centers across the US are extending that just a little bit further.

Between October 17 and November 5, North Star Mall and other GGP centers will invite shoppers to post photos of their princesses, goblins and ghosts on their Facebook pages. Parents can show off their 12-and-unders in their cute and cunning costumes, and in exchange they’ll have the chance to win a family trip to Universal Orlando Resort.

“Halloween is such a fun time of year. It evokes a whimsical spirit and brings out the kid in all of us,” said Keith Maladra, GGP’s vice president of digital marketing. “I can’t wait to see creative costume postings. Our malls’ Facebook pages continue to be a popular communication vehicle with our shoppers.”

It’s not just parents that can get in on the spooky fun. Shoppers can also visit their center’s website to make their way through the Haunted House of Savings, an interactive game that gives them a chance to win for a chance to win $10 and $25 mall gift cards and a grand prize of a $1,000 Shop Etc. Mall Gift Card. Not terribly terrifying, but certainly fun.

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Insider’s Tip of the Week: Kathy Nunes

tip_nunes___associates.gifEach week, we feature tips from industry insiders. Have a tip to share with our readers? Let us know.

This week’s tip is from Kathy Nunes, President of Nunes & Associates:

“I love the challenge of coming up with great mall marketing ideas on a small budget. During my years as a marketing director, I dreaded Halloween costume contests. The logistics and staff to sign up hundreds of kids, judges bailing out at the last minute and irate parents who thought their child should have won.

So, I came up with a better idea for an event where children and the hungry would all be winners. I got a stand-up cardboard of a famous character, a backdrop with a few props and made a big sign proclaiming Cutest Goblins of (insert year) with our mall logo. I supplied the materials and arranged for volunteers from the local Food Bank to take pictures in return for a $5 donation.
Every child was a proclaimed winner with a picture showing the year and our mall logo that went right into the family photo album. The food bank was also a winner, raising thousands of dollars to feed the hungry.

It was such a big hit with parents and kids, the Cutest Goblins Of The Year became a popular annual tradition that received lots of publicity. Best of all, I never had to run another Halloween costume contest ever again.”

Want to get more small-budget ideas? Call Kathy at (408) 371-6123 or 800-280-1589.
You can also e-mail Kathy or visit Nunes & Associates online at

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Insider’s Tip of the Week: Patrick Tranter

profile_patrick_tranter.gifEach week, we feature tips from industry insiders. Have a tip to share with our readers? Let us know.

This week’s tip comes to us from Patrick Tranter, Account Executive at Rainbow Productions:

“Licensed character appearances are a proven way to drive targeted traffic to shopping centers. Be it for meet-and-greet activities, workshops or stage shows, cartoon characters such as Scooby-Doo, Bob the Builder and Bart Simpson provide a huge draw to young families, adding value to their shopping experience.

Why do centre management teams book character appearances? As well as boosting traffic, customers are far more likely to stretch their shopping day and stay longer in the center, with positive effects on secondary spending on tenants such as food vendors. Added to this is the benefit to individual retailers in the way of sell-through of associated merchandise and, of course, impulse buys.

Many centers have also successfully created their own custom characters with Rainbow Productions to act as a figurehead for their kids’ club. This is again a very cost-effective way of tying your family-focused branding efforts together in a unique and friendly way.

By adopting a more integrated approach to mall events, the benefits are felt by all parties—from customers through to retail tenants and shopping center management teams.”

To find out more about harnessing the potential of licensed characters, which are offered exclusively in the UK through Rainbow Productions, please e-mail Patrick or visit the company’s Website at

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