Red Bull Takes its Campaign to Space

You’ve probably gone to pretty great lengths to promote your center, but Red Bull has raised the bar—all the way to space.

On October 14, Red Bull did something pretty incredible: it sent a man to the edge of space. Felix Baumgartner took a balloon up 128,100 feet into the stratosphere. From there, he jumped, reaching an estimated speed of 1342 km/h and breaking the speed of sound. Quite a feat for one man in freefall, and also an impressive world record.

For 4:22, Felix plummeted toward the earth without opening his chute, and as he did millions of viewers looked on from the edges of their seats. Some looked on extra carefully, as Red Bull was running a contest: the entrant who guessed closest to Felix’s landing position won a Zenith El Primero Stratos Flyback watch. And imagine the fear and excitement Red Bull’s marketers must have been feeling watching the jump—perhaps lower stakes campaigns are okay too.

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The Mall Blackburn Hosts Endurance Beach Party

There seems to be no end of things we’ll make shoppers live on or in in order to win big prizes—especially when radio stations get involved. The Mall Blackburn, for example, recently hosted a contest with Rock FM that saw contestants sitting on a suitcase for 48 whole hours.

Like the worst airport layover, shoppers sat on their luggage, unable to sleep or use their phones. The only things they had to entertain them and keep them sane were one book, a magazine, and a bottle of water (yes, they were permitted scheduled “comfort” breaks).

To enter to subject themselves to the contest, Rock FM listeners answered the question ‘what would be the first thing you would take on holiday?’ That led them to a man-made beach in the center, where they sat and pondered the prizes awaiting them at the end. Survivor-style contests granted them luxuries like an hour with a laptop or a phone call home.

Only one contestant was eliminated during the 48 hours, but the center had a plan. Throughout the 48 hours host Luke Marsden added 20 items to a separate suitcase. The winner, Louise Wright, was able to recall all 20 items (impressive after two days of sleep deprivation) and won her family a £2000 getaway to Disneyland Paris.

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Agana Center Celebrates Superheroes

This may be the year of the superhero. Marvel finally brought together its big name heroes in The Avengers. Then there was Spider-man’s new beginning in The Amazing Spider-Man. Finally, Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy has reached its stunning conclusion.

Guam’s Agana Shopping Center got in on the superhero fun last weekend with its Super Heroes Fest. It celebrated all things great and geeky, with video game demoes, a superhero band and a comic art competition.

Speaking with Guam Pacific Daily News, Charles McJohn, the center’s marketing manager, said, “We wanted to create a family-friendly atmosphere where people can dress up and show their inner geek.”

The center put comic artists to the test in its Super Art Fight. You know the age-old question of who would win in a fight? You know, Batman vs. Superman? Well the artists needed to make their own calls, drawing a counter to each theme the judges offered.

Shoppers who showed up dressed as their favorite heroes got a special treat: discounts at retailers throughout the center, and a chance to win big prizes in the costume contest. The winner of the contest received a costumed photo shoot with an expert cosplay photographer.

Image: Superhero Boston Terrier by Jenn and Tony Bot

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Oakbrook Center Puts Trivia to the Test

In just about a month, North American students are headed back to school. Remember those days? Remember all the things you learned in school? I’m not sure I still know long division, and that’s probably just the start of what I’ve forgotten.

So Oakbrook Center’s Are You Smarter Than Your Student Sweepstakes might be a tough one. It gives shoppers a chance to win some pretty great prizes, but they have to show off their education first.

There are three tiers of difficulty to play through: elementary school, middle school or high school. If shoppers can remember their trivia, they can earn a lot of chances to win. Answering three questions correctly means 10 entries to the sweepstakes, two questions is 5 and anything less is still one entry.

The Grand Prize winner will be well rewarded for aceing his or her test with a luxury family vacation for four to the Arizona Grand Resort. That means roundtrip airfare for four, accommodations for six days and five nights, daily passes to the resort’s water park, and all kinds of outdoor adventures.

There are also three Ultrabooks up for grabs, and daily prizes of Shop Etc. Gift Cards. The contest is taking place at GGP centers across the US between now and August 20.

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Coquitlam Centre Shoppers Hit the Showcase Showdown

The Price is Right and retail go hand in hand. The game show is all about shopping, after all, finding the best deal and picking the right products. So isn’t it perfect that Coquitlam Centre has partnered with The Price is Right LIVE as it stops in town for five shows.

As part of the partnership, Coquitlam Centre is giving a few lucky shoppers the chance to take in the show. Five of its e-newsletter subscribers will win a pair of tickets to the Price is Right LIVE VIP Experience. That means special seating in the executive suite, drinks, and appetizers. It also means an exclusive meet and greet with host Jerry Springer.

There’s will also be a pair of tickets to be won for each of the shows on the center’s Facebook page. And that’s before the real contest starts: the fight to get picked as a contest and come on down.

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