Woodlands Mall Makes Thursdays Merrier

1218merrierHere at Shopping Center Weekly, we’re already pretty fond of Thursdays. Shoppers at The Woodlands Mall, Mayfair Mall and Alderwood Mall have also been enjoying that particular day of the week this month with Merrier Thursdays.

It’s an idea that percolated up from within General Growth Properties, and has now made its way to the malls thanks to the energy and iniative of employees at all levels of the company. The goal is to make Thursday nights in December an all-fun, no-stress experience that’s bright, festive and engaging.

It’s an uphill battle—Christmas shopping can be stressful at the best of times, after all—but the centers are doing their level best. A Happiness patrol roams the mall over the course of the evening, treating guests to small gifts and bits of merriment. If your holiday enthusiasm is waning, it sure would be nice to be surprised with a bottle of water, a refreshing mint, or a gift card.

Retailers are also on board, rolling out fun giveaways, discounts and party atmospheres for Thursday evenings. Music performances also keep the fun going, from publicized marquee acts to smaller, intimate performances in quiet corners.

And for those shoppers stressed out about finding the perfect, personalized gift for a special person, the centers are bringing in a little help in the form of a trio of poets. Shoppers can give those poets a few of that special someone’s good points, and in return they receive a custom verse, printed on parchment and placed in a decorative envelope.

“The feedback from our three Merrier Thursdays centers is already very positive. Signs are in place inviting the public to come and join the fun. The newspapers and blogs are filled with stories and postings about the event. And, the retailers and restaurants are whole heartedly embracing Merrier Thursdays, designing ways to participate and further enhance the event,” says Johnna Van Deurzen, GGP Director, Events Management. “Merrier Thursdays is designed to build retailer and restaurant sales. We are really looking forward to our shopper’s reactions to the unexpected fun.”

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Chinook Centre Counts Down With Christmas Prizes

1205adventAdvent calendars are one of the very best things about December, and they also make for a great marketing opportunity. Who doesn’t like coming back to something every day for the chance of a great reward?

Chinook Centre is giving shoppers five hundred and ninety-six reasons to visit its Facebook page over the holiday with its ‘Christmas Miracles’ Advent Calendar app. The app divides the time until Christmas into 4-day pages, each featuring a tableau inspired by the stylings of the classic holiday film Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Each day a new number in the calendar becomes clickable, and beneath it there’s always a treat. No “sorry, try again tomorrow” for Chinook Centre shoppers. Instead, those that don’t win are given a helpful holiday tip that might just point them at a center retailer. Or not: while some tips advise shoppers to, say, visit Hallmark or Papyrus before Christmas card delivery deadlines, others suggest things like Christmas carol karaoke for holiday gatherings.

No matter what shoppers get each day, at least they’ll be sure it’s something to make the holidays merrier. But the merriest will be taking home one of those five hundred and ninety-six prizes up for grabs: gift cards from center retailers, jewelry, electronics and a lot more.

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PREIT and Tanger Plan For Black Friday Bargain Hunters

Black Friday is just a week away, in case you haven’t noticed, and shopping centers are getting ready. PREIT and Tanger are prepared—are you?

This year, PREIT plans to open the doors to nearly all its malls at midnight for the big day.

“Consumers responded enthusiastically to retailers who offered limited-time promotions designed to maximize Black Friday sales at their mall locations in 2011,” said Joseph F. Coradino, CEO of PREIT. “By opening our malls at midnight, PREIT is offering our retailers the opportunity to benefit from significant consumer demand during one of the most critical shopping days of the year.”

To help shoppers on their Black Friday bargain hunting, the company will track deals through the PREIT Malls app on iOS and Android.

Tanger’s getting started even earlier, though not nearly as early as some big box retailers. At 10 p.m., Tanger Outlet Center Tilton will open its doors for its Moonlight Madness Sale.

Tanger hopes to spread the Black Friday joy out as long as possible. Not only will its stores have the usual selection of outstanding deals for the holiday, but it’s also encouraged special offers throughout the weekend, all of which will be tracked online and in the Tanger app. To encourage shoppers to grab the app in advance, Tanger centers have been giving away free holiday compact mirrors to app users during the lead up.

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Place d’Orléans Brings Black Friday North

There is a growing tradition at shopping centers just north of the US border: Black Friday, following hot on the heels of the day Canada doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s the best way to combat cross-border shopping and have a great time in the doing.

Place d’Orléans is among the early adopters of the ultimate shopping holiday, and it’s doing it up right. The center will open early with promotions, sales, and all the best door crashers. Plenty of Canadian retailers already plan big Black Friday sales, so it’s a match made in heaven.

“Black Friday is only just catching on here — but there’s something very compelling about the idea of a day that kicks off the holiday shopping season,” says Caroline Joanisse, Marketing Manager at Place d’Orléans. “It’s a great segue into our extended holiday hours, which start the next day.”

The festivities start at 8 a.m., two pairs of Justin Bieber tickets to be won and with door crasher specials until noon. Folks who want to sleep in won’t be left out in the cold, though. From noon until 5pm, the center will be refunding all taxes paid with gift cards. General discounts extend all the way until closing.

Place d’Orléans also plans to have its Fashion Vlogger on hand giving a live account of all the best deals on both Twitter and Facebook.

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The Potteries Revs Up for the Holidays

Here at the office we’re all in Christmas mode, preparing for Tactics Magazine’s annual Holiday Issue and getting ready for the start of our readers’ holiday season. And it seems as though a few of you are heading into full Christmas mode too. Like, for instance, The Potteries, which recognizes that shoppers might need to start thinking ahead, too. It’s just launched its Gift Club to help people start their holiday savings (and, of course, lock in to holiday shopping at The Potteries).

With a small minimum deposit, customers can open a Gift Club account at customer service. From then on, shoppers can drop by to top their accounts up as often as they like. As an extra little treat, the first 100 shoppers who open an account with £10 or more will receive a free Potteries Piggy Bank to keep track of their spare change too.

At the start of November, shoppers will be able to redeem the value of their Gift Club account on Potteries gift cards – one for shopping, or many for giving. 100 shoppers who manage to save up at least £200 by November 1st will get a bonus £10 top-up too.

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