Cans on Parade at Mic Mac Mall

Mic Mac Mall and Halifax Shopping Centre teamed up earlier this month for a very good cause: feeding the hungry. In support of Feed Nova Scotia, the centers held Canstruction Nova Scotia, an event that’s part fundraiser, part art exhibition and part team-building exercise.

If you’re not familiar with the idea, the goal is to create sculptures entirely out of canned food. It’s an international program, and the winners of the Nova Scotia event will go on to compete globally. The judges are community leaders and industry professionals, and shoppers also get in on the People’s Choice Award. Other award categories include Best Meal, Structural Integrity and Best Use of Labels.

The results from this year’s even were fantastic—you can check out the gallery online. High school groups, businesses, and universities came together in teams to build fantastic pieces of pint-sized architecture, sci-fi staples like R2D2, and even a large-scale chessboard.

Aside from the artistic experience, it’s vital that Canstruction events actually bring together good food for the hungry. Teams are required to build using aluminum or plastic food cans, with complete, intact labels. Junk food is discouraged, pet food is forbidden and alcohol is straight out. There’s no fee for entry, but participating firms must bring their own cans to build with and then to donate.

Shoppers are currently voting online for the winning Canstruction, but in this competition it’s safe to say everyone wins.

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Union Square Shows Shoppers Their Ugly Sides

Next week, Union Square Shopping Centre is helping shoppers find out just how ugly they could be. Sounds like an odd cause to support, but it’s not nearly as strange as it sounds: it’s hosting Cancer Research UK SunSmart’s R UV Ugly, a campaign to show young people just how much damage they’re doing to their skin in the tanning beds.

The organization has teamed up with sk:n to bring free UV skin assessments to clinics and centers across the country. Using UV scanners, the consultants will show shoppers the underlying damage to their skin that they’ve already done.

Given that tanning beds are both a huge cancer risk and a huge part of youth culture, this is a great service for young shoppers. According to the cancer agency, using a tanning bed for the first time before the age of 35 increases skin cancer risk by a stunning 75 per cent. It may be hard to imagine something like cancer when young, but seeing the distance they’ve already taken toward serious skin damage might just be the scare some youngsters need.

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Halloween Helps at Freemont Hub Shopping Center

Halloween: for such a creepy night, it brings a lot of happiness. Happy little faces beaming over bags full of candy, proud parents sending their kids door to door, and money going to good causes. These things go together so well it’s spooky.

Freemont Hub Shopping Center has been spending Halloween making people happy for 43 years now. The Candle Lighters have been holding an annual Ghost House at the Chadbourne Carriage House at the shopping center. This year, the Ghost House pays tribute to its hosts with the Haunted Shopping Mall.

While visitors shop till they drop in the spooky hallways, things might get a little intense—that’s why the Good Fairy guide is available to banish the creepiest and crawliest in the haunted house. The Candle Lighters also bring in high school volunteers to work at the house, who can in turn use the experience for community service hours for school.

But the happiest thing is that great local causes will be served. The organization takes the money it gets from tickets from the tour and gives finds causes that really need it.

On top of the great times in the haunted house, families will enjoy photo booths, games, treats and more.

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Watters Creek Brings in Costumes for a Cause

Halloween is just around the corner, and all manner of ghouls and goblins will be out on the streets and in the malls. So why not harness some of that sugar-fuelled energy for a good cause?

Watters Creek is holding its third annual Trek or Treat 5K Run and Walk later this month, and it expects all sorts of celebrities to show up. Lady Gaga, Buzz Lightyear, Spiderman—a star-studded crew for sure. The registration fees support Allen Community Outreach, so who wouldn’t want to be seen stepping out for the cause?

The walk starts at 8 a.m., at the same time as the Happy Haunting sidewalk sale. Good motivation to hurry back. The rest of the Fall Festival follows, with hayrides, kids club fun, trick-or-treating, and an evening airing of Despicable Me.

Dressing up all day for Halloween? Extra time to run around as a pirate or a zombie? Twist our rubber arms, why don’t you?

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North Hill Centre Reintroduces its Local Food Bank

North Hill Centre is taking part in Fare Fight for Food, a program we noted earlier this year. As part of that, it aims to raise awareness of the needs of The Calgary Food Bank, and it’s found a great way of doing just that.

Most people may not know that the food bank takes and distributes pet supplies. North Hill Center shoppers will have trouble forgetting that fact, now, thanks to a promotion and matching poster. Pets, Portraits and Passion is the title, and it called shoppers to action: bring a pet food donation to the center, and receive a free pet portrait.

Then there’s Birthdays, Balloons and Benefits. This tagline doesn’t tie in with a promotion, but it does highlight a fact many shoppers probably weren’t aware of: 44% of food bank recipients are kids. The Calgary Food Bank takes in more than just food—it also accepts toys, party favors, ribbons, cake mix, candles, balloons and games. All the things it needs to put together birthday packages for those who need them. By putting out the call for these oft-neglected items, the shopping center has ensured a few more kids get to have great birthdays.

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