Walmart Finds Friends’ Unwritten Wishlists with Shopycat

I’ve spent the last few weeks agonizing over the perfect gifts for the people on my Christmas shopping lists. Walmart’s new social application Shopycat would have come in very handy, but I bet it will do even better for the people who are waiting for last minute shopping.

Shopycat is a brand-new Facebook application from the retail giant, and it claims to find you great gifts to buy for your friends. And Shopycat isn’t just pawing through your local Wal-Mart’s inventory — there are a number of other retailers on board whose products are on the recommendation list.

While it might seem a bit psychic, Shopycat’s trick is a lot more straightforward. It checks out the interests your friends have listed on their profile and offers related items. In my trial of it, it’s a bit too literal-minded (if I really love a show, I’ve probably seen seasons of it from a few years back and don’t need the DVD set), but it’s a great start. Not every gift it recommended for me or my Facebook compatriots was a winner, but more were good choices than not.

This is the theoretical good side of sharing your information to web services – unprecedented personalization. These services will only get better and more refined with time, and they might just make a fantastic bridge between social platforms and retail.

Want more details? Techcrunch has the scoop.

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