Timeline Coming to Facebook Pages

Just as we finally adjust to Facebook Timeline as individual users, the service starts to role out Timeline for Pages. What does this mean for you and your Facebook Page? Read on.

1. At-a-glance access to the most important content: This new design makes it far easier to get to page tabs, see like counts and access all the content that was once tucked away in the sidebar.

2. Wide page tabs: you’ll now have 810px width to work with for your page tabs, rather than the much cozier 520px. Most page tab apps are updating to support the new size, so start imagining what you can do with the extra space.

3. Out with the photo grid, in with the cover: If you’ve put time and effort into ensuring that the five photos that top your page are good ones, you won’t have that opportunity much longer. Similarly, your page’s userpic will shrink. Now you’ll need to make up a cover if you want to display anything. The cover is 850px wide by 315px tall. According to Facebook’s guidelines, this shouldn’t be used for advertisement or coupons, and shouldn’t include much text, so start thinking about how to make that cover image look good.

These things may be good or bad, depending on your point of view. There are some significant cons at the moment, however. According to WooBox, one app tab provider, it’s currently not possible to direct Facebook users that don’t like your page to a default landing tab, and once they do Like your page the content won’t automatically refresh to show them fan-only content. Ouch. Hopefully that will get fixed up soon.

Thankfully we don’t need to upgrade immediately. The site is giving Page owners until the end of March to preview the new look and make any necessary adjustments. If you visit your page, you should see a banner with the option to preview the changes. Take a look, but don’t hit “Publish” until you’re ready to switch and never go back.

How do you feel about this change? Are you looking forward to the new opportunities, or is it going to be far too disruptive to your Page?

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