Fantasy Shopper Gamifies the Retail Experience

Social gaming is a ridiculously big industry. A big chunk of that industry is retail-oriented — games targeted at young women that are all about shopping, clothes, and consumption. Some of these games bring in a lot of money, usually from the purchase of virtual currency.

But here’s a new one: Fantasy Shopper, a brand new game developed by a UK startup, ties itself closely to the real life retail industry. Players use their in-game paydays to buy virtual representations of real clothes. The outfits they create are ranked by their friends, and at any point they (or their friends) can purchase the real thing from online retailers.

While it’s not getting shoppers into the mall, we’d certainly rather see that money going to fashion purchases over virtual currency. And it’s only a matter of time before brick-and-mortar gets in on this sort of gamification.

TechCrunch has more here, excerpted below:

“On Fantasy Shopper, users spend Fantasy Money to buy virtual clothing, create outfits and stock out their virtual wardrobe. Launching first in the UK with over 100,000 virtual items from 40 retailers in clothes, accessories and sports goods, the game takes the users from shopping in London to other major world destinations. The game is pretty social as users get to share their purchases and create outfits.”

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