Reader Profile: Marina Majeran

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Name: Marina Majeran
Title: Marketing Manager
Property: Centro Roselands Shopping Centre
Location: Sydney, Australia.

How long have you been at this property?
18 months

How many years of experience do you have in the shopping centre industry?
19 years

Will there be any digital component to your holiday marketing program this year?
Yes, we have an e-marketing database and have just started using electronic direct mail. The strategy will be to use one-to-one marketing to create more direct communications with the customers we already have and do more business with them.

Did your center have any digital marketing strategy in 2008?
No, we had none last year. At the time, we were focusing on building the database through direct mail linked to gift-with-purchase offers.

Do you normally do your digital marketing work in-house or do you hire a Web development firm?
We have hired an external company, but we do our Website updates in-house.

What is your primary goal this year?

To be the best we can be with what we have, and to deliver a consistent message through every aspect of our marketing and management—from cleaning to security services to how we serve our customers.
There are no plans for market development in the near future. However, Centro Roselands already has a great connection to the communities it serves, so we want to do more business with our customers by increasing our exposure and communications efforts, as well as raising the level of our customer service.

What is your biggest challenge this year?
Our biggest challenge is team building with retailers and shifting the attitude from a sales mentality to a service mentality. Service is what keeps customers coming back. Though sales are the number one priority, delivering excellent service and garnering customer respect will bring shoppers back time and time again.

Can you offer one tip to other marketing professionals?
Always have a back-up plan. Keep the bigger picture in mind and always think about how one promotion or campaign leads to another, so you can develop your marketing strategy over time and ensure that your messages are consistent. Create a personality for your center. Develop and nurture it through your marketing. Most importantly, remember that whatever you do is ultimately about retail and selling, not just property marketing. The real question to ask yourself daily is: “How can I best serve my retailers?”

Thanks Marina!

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