Reader Profile: Helen Rozanova

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Name: Helen Rozanova
Title: Marketing Manager
Company: DTZ Ukraine
Properties: Riviera Shopping Center

Location: Odessa, Ukraine

How long have you been working with these property?
I joined DTZ Ukraine in April 2009 after relocating from DTZ Moscow.

How many years of experience do you have in the shopping centre industry?
I began my career in the shopping center industry as a corporate marketing manager in 2005. I then switched to shopping center marketing 18 months ago within DTZ Moscow.

What is your primary goal this year?
We’re launching Riviera Shopping City this fall and hope it will have a bright and successful start. Our major goal is for the scheme to become the top-of-mind shopping and leisure destination for our customers, and do all that with minimum budget.

What is your biggest challenge this year?
Launching a new scheme located outside the city center in this present economic situation can sound like a challenge, but we believe in our retailers. We work closely with them to both optimize the existing marketing budget and organize a consistent, strong campaign to guide customers to Riviera Shopping City.

Which primary media outlets do you intend to target for your center’s launch?
As we entered the project, we carefully studied the existing media. In the end, we narrowed our choice down to four major channels: radio (most probably two stations), the Internet (three Websites), Out of Home (billboards and city-lights) and print publications (one local and one national).

How big a role will online media play in the launch?
We are going to launch Riviera Shopping City’s Website and will use this marketing tool for our promotions. At the same time, we’re also looking closely at other online opportunities. We will place some adverts on a few Websites (similar to and, using geo-targeting technology.

How much will you be counting on media partners to help stretch your marketing budget?
We are now considering a few opportunities, so hopefully it will all work out well.

What would be an ideal media partner for your center and why?
It’s hard to say. Due to the recession, the quality level of media has dropped significantly. So I cannot specify a media channel at this point.

Can you offer one tip to other mall marketing professionals?
Look around. Learn about different industries, discover other cultures and listen to colleagues from all over the world. It can help you to get more ideas on how to make your shopping center a better place for its tenants and customers. Sometimes the hint can come from the unexpected source, so be ready to make the most of that opportunity.

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