On the Move: Cormac Woods

627beckerCustom holiday decorating company The Becker Group recently welcomed a new president: Cormac Woods. The company has shared the story of Cormac’s journey from warehouse worker to president with us, and we’d like to share it with you:

Cormac Woods completed his studies in Sydney, Australia and decided to spend a few more years abroad before returning to settle in Ireland. He had previously entered a lottery in hopes of winning a United States Green Card. His success prompted him to emigrate to Baltimore, Maryland where his younger sister resided. The plan was for a couple years of American culture and experiences and then back home.

Cormac found a fun position in the warehouse of a Baltimore based d├ęcor company. Though initially, he thought this job would simply supply the perfect low stress means of enjoying his time in the States, he began to find the environment and business of the Becker Group to have an unexpected alluring dimension. Each year, he would find a reason to stay for one more season until he had fallen for an American girl and decided to make a career of Becker and a life in America.

Once the decision to stay became solidified, Cormac spotlighted his career on the production of the projects and the operational focus of the company. As receiving supervisor, it didn’t take long for Cormac to become the warehouse manager. He quickly ascertained the ERP system the company was using was the key to planning, scheduling and tracking the entire process. His methodical approach to problem solving was a perfect match for the Information Technology department; thus, his next step through the organization was as the IT Manager.

Years of hard work, a love of the company, the trust Cormac earned from colleagues and Executive Management, along with pure tenacity awarded him a promotion to Vice President of Information Technology and Fulfillment. The company was purchased and change management became the norm. Even though titles were ultimately altered and some responsibilities were absorbed within the corporate entity, Cormac again was rewarded with growing responsibility, this time he was charged with managing the catalog (or Direct Marketing) department. Complementing his data management, supply chain, production and facilities duties he would now add sales, sales management, customer service, marketing and merchandising. In short, there were few areas of the company in which Cormac had not participated.

After The Becker Group was purchased in 2008, Cormac learned the new parent company was no longer interested in continuing the catalog sales department, He began the process to prevent its demise and continue service to the myriad of clients needing a little help with “making reindeer fly.” He purchased the company from new owners Viad Corp., and now works to return the company to its original mission.

Congratulations, Cormac!

Have you recently made a move or welcomed someone new to your team? Let us know and your story may be featured in our next On the Move.

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