America’s Most Profitable/Most Endangered Malls

0702mall.gifU.S. News has compiled the results of recent investment research data to establish a list of the ten most and least profitable malls in America. Their results are based on occupancy rates and sales per square foot.

It would be interesting to see a more in-depth analysis of the reasons behind these success stories and struggles, but the articles do touch on some causes, like local population, access to transportation, and retailer mix. Take a look:

On America’s Most Profitable Malls:

“While bargain shopping is obviously popular, the nation’s most profitable shopping centers generally don’t rely on discounters. Instead, they tend to feature chains with a strong brand identity, like Nordstrom, Abercrombie & Fitch, Apple, and Anthropologie. Since it’s all about real estate, location is vital: The best malls tend to be in densely populated areas or tourist hotspots. And it sure helps if local residents are affluent …”

And on the “Most Endangered” malls:

“The first sign of trouble is often the departure of department stores and other anchor tenants, especially if those spaces stay vacant. High-quality, name-brand merchants often follow, with discounters—or nobody—replacing them. Shoppers sense the ennui, and gravitate toward malls that feel more vibrant, which only deepens the distress at troubled properties. By some estimates, about 10 percent of the America’s malls could close within the next few years …”

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