Insider’s Tip of the Week: Kathy Nunes

tip_nunes___associates.gifEach week, we feature tips from industry insiders. Have a tip to share with our readers? Let us know.

This week’s tip is from Kathy Nunes, President of Nunes & Associates:

“I love the challenge of coming up with great mall marketing ideas on a small budget. During my years as a marketing director, I dreaded Halloween costume contests. The logistics and staff to sign up hundreds of kids, judges bailing out at the last minute and irate parents who thought their child should have won.

So, I came up with a better idea for an event where children and the hungry would all be winners. I got a stand-up cardboard of a famous character, a backdrop with a few props and made a big sign proclaiming Cutest Goblins of (insert year) with our mall logo. I supplied the materials and arranged for volunteers from the local Food Bank to take pictures in return for a $5 donation.
Every child was a proclaimed winner with a picture showing the year and our mall logo that went right into the family photo album. The food bank was also a winner, raising thousands of dollars to feed the hungry.

It was such a big hit with parents and kids, the Cutest Goblins Of The Year became a popular annual tradition that received lots of publicity. Best of all, I never had to run another Halloween costume contest ever again.”

Want to get more small-budget ideas? Call Kathy at (408) 371-6123 or 800-280-1589.
You can also e-mail Kathy or visit Nunes & Associates online at

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