Insider’s Tip of the Week: Jim Smith

tip_marketing_innovations.gifEach week, we feature tips from industry insiders. Have a tip to share with our readers? Let us know.

This week’s tip comes to us from Jim Smith, Director of Sales at Marketing Innovations Inc.:

“Promotion is the key to great sales and marketing. That’s why much of the promotional product world is always looking to maximize a logo—I call it billboarding—on everything from totes to jackets to key rings. While such billboarding on promotional gifts may have its place from time to time, it advertises the brand in a large way for a “flash in the pan” moment, and promotional gifts are often relegated to a drawer, closet, garage sale or trash can with a dust covered promotional thud.

We counsel our clients to take a ‘less is more’ approach to product logo applications, with subtler and quieter logo styles such as engraving, embellishments such as charms or embossed tags and plates. We’ve found this approach to be far more effective in producing positive results. There have been many times when clients have even opted to forgo logo branding altogether and have instead used “thank you” cards or logoed packaging with an item that truly looks and feels like a gift.

Think of promotional gifts in terms of what the recipients will value most highly, how it will reflect upon your brand or company, and if it will be used personally, at home or in the office. The priority of any promotion is to maximize customers’ positive experience with your brand, and its effectiveness is measured by how they perceive your promotional gift. Does the gift convey respect and appreciation for the customer, or does it attempt to try and build the brand at the customer’s expense?

Make your promotional gifts look trendy and elegant, with tasteful branding and logo applications. This will make your customers feel appreciated. It will also motivate them to spread the word and reward you back with their loyalty and more of their business.”

Want to know more?

Contact Jim at 1-800-822-3124, x 211. E-mail him at Visit Marketing Innovations online at

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