Insider’s Tip of the Week: Brian Lehn

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This week’s tip comes to us from Brian Lehn, President of Mall Media Inc.:

“When you’re trying to convince people to shop during a recession, scrapping the marketing programs that your customers have come to appreciate and expect isn’t an option. However, if budgets are being slashed, programs such as seasonal giveaways can quickly become expendable. If you’re temped to strike them off your list, put your pen down and think about which partners could help you fund your program.
One of our Mall Media customers, Sunrise Mall in Texas, USA, could have easily decided not to order giveaways to hand out to children visiting Santa at its property last year. But instead, it added value to the buy. It got Marble Slab Creamery (MSC) involved, featuring it on the inside front cover of the Santa’s Coloring Storybook it ordered from us.
MSC’s page included four coupons, which entitled customers to discounts on items such as ice cream cakes and smoothies. The coupons’ expiry dates were staggered and that gave shoppers an incentive to visit the mall again at least four times over a period of a few months.
Sunrise Mall’s deal with MSC is similar to the marketing strategies that other centers use to cover the cost of their gift-with-purchase promotions and branded magazines. The Mall Media coloring storybook’s cover is printed separately, which makes it easy for malls to customize their giveaways with sponsor logos, advertisements and promotional offers. Just remember to place your orders early to have enough time to receive your partners’ creative and complete the personalization before your order is fulfilled.”

Want to know more?

Contact Brian at 1-800-665-2115 (North America), 1-800-005-583 (Australia), 0800 404 9413 (UK) or 001 604 294 6671 (worldwide). Click here to e-mail him or visit Mall Media online at

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