Virgin Mobile Asks You To Do Whatever It Takes

Youth homelessness is a huge issue. It effects thousands of young people in North America, many of whom are LGBT or otherwise marginalized. And as young people take to the streets, they become invisible to many, who are willing to turn a blind eye.

Virgin Mobile is asking everyone to Do Whatever It Takes to bring attention to these kids and get them the help they need. The campaign challenges people to create take online pledges promising to do, well just about anything. Then they can collect pledges toward Virgin Unite’s RE*Generation initiative, which helps provide crucial services and resources to create bigger futures for homeless and at-risk youth.

When participants hit their fundraising goal, it’s time to follow through and do whatever it takes. It’s a little like Kickstarter for atrociously bad ideas — there are people taking pledges for eating or drinking enough awful things to make themselves sick, people who are willing to break all manner of social norms and people who are taking Lent-style pledges to abstain from all manner of things. But it’s all in good fun, and all in the name of raising money for people who really need it.

“I’m so grateful to be in a position to help the homeless youth population,” said Michael Buckley of the “What the Buck?!” show, one of the celebrities who is taking part. “I know that kids are kicked out of their homes, often for being gay, and this weighs on my mind every day. I hope people will donate to see me will learn as many gymnastics tricks as possible and nail them! NAIL THEM!!! Or fall on my face. Either way it will make a great video!”

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