Unilever Commits to the Future

Unilever plans to change the world—and as it did with Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty, it hopes to do so with the help of videos that shake our understanding of the world.

Project Sunlight is the brand’s new sustainability campaign, and it features several videos that question our hopes and fears for the future. The most popular of these asks the question “Why bring a child into this world?”

The brand presents real reasons for doubt: climate change, food and water shortages and more. It’s not the easiest question to answer, but then it offers hope in place of doubt. Hope that, with the help of Unilever, solutions are just around the corner. That everyday products might change the world.

It’s a tough pitch, but Unilever is backing it up with action. The Project Sunlight website shows off many ways the brand is making actual, measurable change for the future, and it asks visitors to pledge to be part of the solution. We might not be able to save the future by buying Dove products or Slim-Fast, but it’s nice to know the corporations behind our purchases consider our future a shared responsibility.

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