Turning Valentines To Good

Even for those who aren’t fond of the flowers-and-chocolates holiday, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to bring a little joy into someone’s life. ABC News and GOOD have teamed up to make that happen.

The GOOD community has been assigned a project: create a valentine for the women in the world who really need it. Who needs to know they’re loved more than the women who’ve been marginalized, who’ve been victims of violence, who’ve been desperately in need of support?

Initially, this was a simple awareness-raising exercise, but the GOOD community demanded more. They believed in the stated goals, but didn’t agree that web galleries and positive press would help the women the project was asking them to help. The response threatened to turn quite negative, but GOOD stayed light on its feet. Rather than get bogged down attempting to spin things, it took its community’s response to heart and sought out organizations that could benefit from the project. Now the valentines will go out to clinics and community centers around the world. And just like that, the world is a little happier.

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