Spring Clean for a Cause

0115recycle.gifCause Marketing: Cause Marketing is the art of combining your commercial brand with a non-profit issue. Cause marketing campaigns have years of history and range from relatively superficial tactical partnerships, to long-term, strategic alliances that penetrate deeply into business and nonprofit organizations.

I don’t know about you, but at the start of the year I always get an insatiable urge to deep clean my home. Christmas brings with it plenty of clutter, and the New Year is a great time for a fresh start.

That’s why I’m so impressed by a couple of great charity drives out of two different malls this month. Regent Arcade, In Gloucestershire, UK, is collecting old Christmas cards for the Gloucestershire Arthritis Trust. The cards are recycled to make fundraiser cards for the charity. The collection has already brought in over 180 kilos of used cards, which will raise over £1,500 for the Trust. The shopping centre is hoping to bring in over £6000 in cards over the course of the campaign.

Meanwhile, Mayfair Shopping Centre in British Columbia, CA, is encouraging shoppers to clean out their closet and bring in gently used clothing for its Tip the Scales clothing drive. For every 20 pounds of clothing shoppers bring in, they’ll receive a $5 shopping center gift card. The proceeds from the clothing will go to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Victoria.

  • http://www.bonanzacreekgallery.com Hillie Wells

    Cause marketing, labelled as such, is new to me. I support this idea 100%. If I get the opportunity to get to Lower Mainland in British Columbia, I will shop at Mayfar Shopping Centre simply because they have a genuinely great cause. This is win/win selling and helping.

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