Shop for Your School with Westcor

Westcor shoppers can do their back-to-school shopping this summer knowing that their purchases are helping local schools get a much-needed boost.

The company has put aside $50,000 to help out 70 US schools that are local to its shopping centers. Each of the schools is going to receive at least $250 at the end of the promotion, but shoppers can help out by submitting their receipts to the mall concierge in the name of one of the participating schools. Each dollar spent under its name will give a school five points. Double points are awarded for spending at retailers who are listed in the centers’ Great Deals and Coupons guides.

Westcor is also using the drive to push certain promotions and marketing offers. For instance, depending on the center, donating a pair of jeans during the Great Denim Days events nets your school of choice 500 points. Some centers offer triple points for dining purchases. Kierland Commons is offering 500 points to folks who attend its summer concert, and Paradise Valley Mall offers the same for attendees to a pep ralley it’s hosting. And for both malls, Twitter follows and Facebook “Likes” are worth 1000 points, if the follower or fan posts their school of choice.

At the end of this all, the points will be tallied and the top school will receive $1500. It drops from there, but all the schools involved with each drive will get something, which seems like a lovely touch.

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