Sevenoaks Helps Build AIDS Awareness

0521aids.gifCause Marketing: Cause Marketing is the art of combining your commercial brand with a non-profit issue. Cause marketing campaigns have years of history and range from relatively superficial tactical partnerships, to long-term, strategic alliances that penetrate deeply into business and nonprofit organizations.

Last week, Sevenoaks Shopping Centre was host to World Vision’s One Life Experience.

The exhibit is a 2000 sq ft. outdoor replica of an African village. Visitors get a captivating look at life through the eyes of one of four African children whose lives have been affected by HIV and AIDS. They tour the village while listening to an audio narrative from the children themselves, who help visitors experience something like the lives they live. At the end of the tour, the visitor is given a mock-HIV test and finds out if the child whose role they’ve played was HIV positive.

It’s heavy fare for a day out at the mall, but the AIDS crisis in Africa demands a strong response. It’s an easy thing for shoppers to forget about, but the education they receive at the exhibit may make it a bit more real to them.

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