Manchester Arndale Hosts Manchester Cathedral Clergy

You don’t often hear about the Church working closely with shopping centers, barring a few exceptional cases where places of worship find space in malls. But there is one day a year that Manchester Arndale and Manchester Cathedral find common cause: Maundy Thursday.

The origins of Maundy Thursday date back to the Last Supper. Before the meal, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, an unclean task normally reserved for servants. In doing so, Jesus demonstrated to them that his followers were to serve, bring healing and live in humility. The name comes from the Latin word “mandatum,” or commandment. Maundy Thursday is an important part of the Easter celebrations for people of the Christian faith.

To mark Maundy Thursday, clergy from Manchester Cathedral take on a task spiritually similar to the washing of feet: they shine the shoes of passers-by. They offer the service for free to demonstrate the role of the church to serve people in need. For the last four years, Manchester Arndale has hosted their service.

“I am very grateful to David Allinson, centre director, for allowing us to shine shoes in Manchester Arndale again this year,” said Rogers Govender, Dean of Manchester. “It is great that he is joining us in this act of service for shoppers and staff as we shine the shoes of members of the public. We pray that we and all people will recognise the importance of humbly serving the needs of others this Easter and throughout the year”.

Pictured above, the Very Reverend Dean of Manchester Rogers Govender polishes the shoes of David Allinson.

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