Lynden Park Mall’s Locker Room Supply Drive

822brantfordLynden Park Mall gave shoppers a great way to visualize their impact on the center’s school supply drive: empty backpacks filling up with everything students might need.

Walking into center court, shoppers were greeted with an impressive simulacrum of school life: faux hardwood floors, a double-sided wall with 6 lockers on each side, and backpacks, backpacks, backpacks. The wall carried a reminder of the six biggest requests for the back-to-school supply drive: pencils, pens, crayons, binders, rulers and paper.

Plenty of shoppers were already primed to give by the time they hit the mall, though. A week before the Back-to-School event launch, a team from Lynden Park Mall hit the streets of West Brantford to hand out free ice cream. They did the same thing last year, but this time around they also handed out paper bags with information about the School Supply Drive. Inside the bag was a bounce-back card, promising another free ice-cream cone from Laura Secord. A gentle prod to fill up the bag with donations, drop it off, and pick up another tasty treat.

The center also reached out via a direct mail postcard to 25,000 local residents. A local radio station broadcasted live at the center during the launch of the drive, which benefited Brantford’s Community Resource Centre.

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