What would you lose?

This week, Gyle Shopping Center is working with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) Scotland to ask shoppers what they would do without sight.

The charity has set up a giant screen in the UK shopping center showing images of iconic events to remind shoppers of some of the big things they’d lose without their sight. To have never seen the moon landing, or the Beatles, or a president’s inauguration is one thing, but the charity wants people to consider the every day as well. What if you couldn’t see your child, read a favorite book, or watch a movie?

RNIB is raising awareness that not only would you lose those culture icons, and those vital comforts, but also potentially your livelihood, your education, and your independence. The campaign solicits donations, and it also asks shoppers to visit WhatWouldYouLose.org.uk to share stories and videos of what they don’t want to lose.

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