Levi Cares for Our Air

Levi’s jeans are marketed for durability and long life. That long life is sustainable – a single pair of jeans that lasts a person years takes far fewer resources than buying a new pair every few months. But Levi Strauss & Co. wants to make its jeans even better for the planet by diminishing the amount of energy they consume in a lifetime of drying.

It’s teamed up with Myoo Create, a croudsourcing initiative much like the previously featured Betacup. Myoo Create brings together users to solve problems of sustainability, often through challenges sponsored by companies that want to improve their eco-credibility with the best ideas they can find.

Levi Strauss and Co. knows air drying is both better for the environment and better for the clothes they sell, but many communities ban clotheslines. So the company is looking for innovative solutions that will allow customers to dry their clothes freely no matter where they live. With a $10,000 bounty up for the best idea, the concepts that are being produced more than meet those criteria. The community votes and collaborates on the plans, with the hope being that by the end of the contest period, the company will find a plan that’s well thought out, vetted by the crowd and ready for implementation.

As part of the Care to Air initiative, Levi is also asking shoppers to commit to a pledge – to line dry whenever possible, and to donate to goodwill when the jeans are no longer wanted. It’s a great lifetime plan for a pair of jeans.

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