Land Securities Makes Every Can Count

Aluminum cans are some of the most efficient items to recycle. They can be recycled completely, and a recycled can takes a fraction of the energy of a new can to create. Each can that ends up in the trash is a long lifecycle ended, so helping shoppers recycle their cans is a worthy objective.

UK developer Land Securities has signed on with Every Can Counts for two of its shopping centers, Willow Place and Corby Town Centre. The company is trialling the program with the hopes of someday launching it in all its properties. Every Can Counts offers a program that encourages both individuals and businesses to work at eliminating can waste, and they offer businesses support in getting their recycling programs off the ground.

How does your shopping center approach recycling? Do you have a program for shoppers? What about retailers? Recycling programs can be difficult to maintain, but reducing waste can be very valuable.

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