Grafton Shoppers Walk on Glass

Shoppers at The Grafton Shopping Centre are preparing to take a big step to raise money and awareness for the Stroke Association as the center gears up for the Cambridge Glass Walk.

Firewalking is one thing: if you’re quick and careful, you’re not going to get burnt. But glass walking might be a more apt activity for stroke awareness. It takes focus, a slow, deliberate approach and complete attention.

Shoppers might get on board for the rush of facing a fear, but as explained by the Stroke Association, walking on glass is an exercise in developing the mind/body connection—also a big part of stroke recovery. The center’s event will begin with a 30 minute workshop to explain the disciplines of the challenge.

The pitch? That it will teach participants the following:

  • How to move forward with absolute certainty on a successful outcome
  • Gain 100% focus by paying attention
  • Realisation that you have more control over your life than you ever thought possible
  • Breaking through beliefs of ‘I can’t’ and it’s ‘not possible’

The event raises funds through registration, with a £10 sign-up fee, and sponsorship. A minimum of £50 in sponsorships is required to participate in the glass walk, with proceeds going to support those affected by stroke.

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