Fingerlakes Mall Takes Action for Literacy

Literacy is a huge part of any individual’s ability to succeed and thrive in the world, so here’s a cause that cuts straight to our hearts: for the second year in a row, Fingerlakes Mall held a Mall Crawl for reading. It’s a center without a bookstore, but it has no shortage of eager young readers.

According to The Citizen, The Union Springs Literacy Professional Learning Community brought teachers in from six different school districts to bring the joy of reading to local children. The teachers sat in front of shops and read picture books to all the children that came to see them.

In exchange for taking the time to listen, the children were given raffle tickets for each story they heard. Retailers offered up prizes like chocolate, marker packs and portrait sittings to be raffled off.

From the newspaper:

“Karen Burcroff, the literacy group facilitator and the principal at A.J. Smith Elementary School, said the event is designed to make reading seem worthwhile to children.
“It stresses that reading is fun, and that you can do it anywhere,” she said. “Not only the teachers are saying that, but even the mall.”

Children in front of Maurice’s were weighing the relative virtues of urban and rural life with “Town Mouse, Country Mouse.” Jennifer Maloney, a seventh-grade English teacher at Union Springs, read the story.

“I think this is a great opportunity for kids to be exposed to a positive reading experience,” Maloney said. “So many of them have negative feelings about reading, so hopefully something like this can get them on a positive trend.”

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