Earth Hour is almost here

Cause Marketing: Cause Marketing is the art of combining your commercial brand with a non-profit issue. Cause marketing campaigns have years of history and range from relatively superficial tactical partnerships, to long-term, strategic alliances that penetrate deeply into business and nonprofit organizations.

What are you doing on March 28 at 8:30pm? Hopefully you’ll be joining millions of others in putting out the lights. It’s one way to stand with a global cause with a very minimal investment.

There’s a great viral video pushing Earth Hour that’s making the rounds right now. Watch it here:

Plenty of shopping centers around the world are participating. Mirvac’s shopping centers are, Clifford Gardens is, as is Sherway Gardens, just to name a few I noticed today. Is yours?

  • acnegirlcandy

    the Earth Hour is really a good concept on how we could spend at least a few minutes of our time in remembering mother Eearth. people should be more aware and more caring of our environment now that we have Global Warming and Climate Change,

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