Ending cyber-bullying one viewer at a time

Cyber-bullying is clearly the cause du jour, and we couldn’t pass up this excellent take on the issue. It’s lacking the catchy humor of the James Lipton’s Beard series, but it’s got a lot of impact.

“Laugh at it, and you’re part of it” is the rallying cry. The Facebook page for the campaign has nearly 80 thousand fans. And the videos are reaching a large audience.

The message isn’t subtle, but it targets a different audience than usual. It’s going after the silent participants, the viewers watching the videos at home, rating them up, sharing them and commenting. If there weren’t an audience, after all, there wouldn’t be as much of an incentive to post humiliating videos. And one part of the message is subtle, and valuable – the kids are portrayed as friends of their victims just having a laugh, but what seems hilarious at the time can be very harmful once it’s online for everyone to see.

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