Bullring Locks Up Love

926lovelockBullring is 10, and for its birthday it’s spreading a little tender sentiment around. It’s looking for shoppers to share their TENder Moments, and to take the opportunity to donate a little money to Birmingham Children’s Hospital in the process.

The idea is pretty charming: the center is asking shoppers to write messages of love on locks, which they can then fix to Bullring’s TENder Moments Bull. It’s modelled on the idea of love locks, a relatively recent symbol of lasting affection that’s been spreading around the world over the last decade or so. Sweethearts write their names on locks, fasten them to lasting public fixtures, and throw away the key. It’s a tree-friendly take on carving initials into trunks, and Bullring has borrowed it for its own monument to love.

Shoppers are sharing messages of all kinds of love—between one another, for their friends and family, for the center itself or the city they share. They’re filling up the bull with official love locks, with real padlocks, with luggage tags. All in the name of love.

It’s just one part of a month’s worth of birthday celebrations, with big fashion shows, live performances and a lot more—including quite a lot of love.

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