Road to ICSC Retail Real Estate World Summit: New Speakers For the Show

ICSC has just announced a number of speakers for the 2012 Retail Real Estate World Summit, coming up on September 11 – 14 in Shanghai. Some of the most prominent, tenured and respected global executives have accepted the organization’s invitations to present, and are listed below.

  • Piers Brunner, mRICS, mHKIS, RPS, CEO Asia Colliers International
  • Manel Adell, CEO Desigual
  • Yaromir Steiner, CEO Steiner + Associates, Inc.
  • David Watt, Dir., The Link REIT Hong Kong, CEO, Mainland China Swire Properties
  • Bernard Vincent O. Dy, EVP, Ayala Land, Inc.
  • Guo Geping, SVP for Development and Retail Washington, DC Economic Partnership; President China Chain Store & Franchise Association
  • Gerhard L. Dunstheimer, Deputy CEO ECE Project Management GmbH & Co. KG
  • Albert Hui, Dir. of Corporate Strategy New World Development Company Limited
  • Karen Eidsvik, Regional Dir., Asia Subway International B.V.

They join an already impressive list that includes Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, Inc. and Scott Price, president and CEO of Walmart Asia.

“There are seismic swings taking place in retail and retail real estate across the globe,” commented Michael P. Kercheval, CEO and president of the ICSC. “Emerging markets now represent the largest opportunities for development, new revenue streams and job creation. Opinions may vary as to what degree, but there can be no argument that we are witnessing an unprecedented shift in the global market paradigm.”

Want to learn more about that unprecedented shift? Go ahead and register while there’s still time.

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There Was Never a Better Time to Meet in Shanghai

By Michael P. Kercheval, President & CEO, ICSC

There are seismic swings taking place in retail and retail real estate. Emerging markets now represent the largest opportunities for development, new revenue streams and job creation. Opinions may vary as to what degree, but there can be no argument that we are witnessing an unprecedented shift in the global market paradigm. The 2012 ICSC Retail Real Estate World Summit in Shanghai (September 11-14, 2012) is where the future will unfold.

The ICSC has invited the highest profile leaders from the retail, development, lending and public sector communities ever assembled under oneroof to share their analysis, insight and forecasts on what the future holds for economies worldwide. Each of the speakers has been handpicked for his/her expertise, influence and power to affect cultural, economic and political change. Attending the ICSC World Summit provides unprecedented access to and insights from the most senior political, industry and financial markets’ representatives regarding success stories and high-level strategies for capitalizing on opportunities from the globalization of retail.

Quite frankly, never before have we faced such categorical uncertainty. This major expansion in the middle class in emerging markets will lead the world economy to rely on this key demographic as a primary source of demand.

Among the myriad issues being addressed at the World Summit are:

1. Socio Economic Wave: a booming middle class in emerging markets creates new retail opportunities

2. Plateauing of New Development: while development in mature markets may have plateaued, emerging markets will present the industry’s growth opportunities for the immediate future

3. Retailers Going Global: attendees gain insight from retailers who are already leading the way by crossing borders and broadening their brands

4. Capital Flows: Investment strategies can mean big gains and big loses — retail real estate has proven to be stable with little fluctuation

5. Collapse of Employment: other than government-subsidized programs, new retail development is the driving force in creating jobs for communities and providing a vibrant supply chain for commerce

The fundamentals of our industry are changing and these seismic shifts will impact everyone in retail and retail real estate.

For the ICSC, hosting the World Summit in Shanghai seemed a natural fit, as it is truly a microcosm for what is occurring within the industry globally. While Shanghai has positioned itself as a leading global city, it also represents an immense growth opportunity as an emerging marketplace for retailers and shopping center developers. Its burgeoning middle class will demand not only more retail space, but retail space that is better and more efficient in its operations and management.

Because Shanghai is an epicenter for this new industry paradigm, we could think of no better place to host the 2012 World Summit.

By joining other industry professionals at the World Summit, attendees will enjoy the unprecedented opportunity to engage the brightest thinkers from retail, development, government and capital markets, and gain valuable insight on how navigate this evolving industry landscape.

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Road to Fusion 2011: Retailer Showcase

There’s no rest for retail leaders. Dedication is what ensured their success in the first place, and they’ll get to drum up more business at the ICSC Fusion Conference next week.

All the delegates there will have heard of Toys “R” Us, for example. Maybe they have a flagship store in their mall, and likely they’ve shopped there. But there’s more that the category giant wants to share—original concepts (like its pop-up stores), new markets in its mire (at home in the U.S. and abroad) or anything else it believes would further boost consumer sales. That’s why it signed on to participate in ICSC’s first-ever Fusion Retailer Runway.

The preliminary list of retailers includes Cashmere Elegance, DISH Network, Masquerade LLC, Monster Media, NYS Collection, (read about it in the upcoming edition of Marketing Trendz), Zoom Systems and, as we mentioned, Toys “R” Us. These are all top retailers and wholesalers that will share the broad lines of their business plans for this year and beyond.

“You’ll learn why these successful companies are using pop-up stores for their expansion plans, what they are looking for in their location requirements, what year-round and seasonal concepts [they] want and what is their criteria for making deals with landlords,” the council explained in its conference brochure.

During the Retailer Runway, each company will have just three or four minutes to make its pitch, and the session will include a Q&A period if time allows. Moderating the session will be Terry Migliaccio, leasing VP at CIM Group, Inc.; and Cyd Perszyk, director of retail business development for Smarte Carte Inc..

The Retailer Runway will take place from 1p.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesday. See you there.

Myriam Beaugé, Editor in Chief, Tactics Magazine & Marketing Trendz

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Road to Fusion 2011: The Pepsi Dream Machine

PepsiCo is pulling all the stops to promote its Dream Machine. A spoof short with actor Aisha Tyler of CSI fame (view the video at, a Facebook page and YouTube presence are just a few of the tactics that the beverage giant hopes will boost participation in its recycling initiative.

Dream Machine is the focus of a multi-year collaboration between PepsiCo, Waste Management, Keep America Beautiful and Greenopolis. The interactive kiosk allows consumers to recycle their pop bottles and cans, and then earn various rewards like discounted products and movie tickets. In shopping centers, the kiosks also display tenants’ offers and event information.
On Day Two of the ICSC Fusion Conference, delegates will have a chance to learn more about the Dream Machine. It will be one of the case studies presented during a session entitled, “Reduce Operating Costs and Still Provide a Unique Customer Experience.” Delivering the goods will be speakers Dan Rose, director of commercial property management (Midwest Group) for Waste Management, Inc.; Beth Sauerhaft, senior manager for environmental stewardship at PepsiCo; and The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes team members Wendy Thompson (GM) and Jennie Zafft (marketing director).

Last fall, PepsiCo marked the launch of its CSR initiative with a $500,000 donation to the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV), a national program that offers career training, education and job creation to post-9/11 veterans with disabilities. The company intends to make that an annual contribution, and it has also pledged to donate an additional $250,000 to EBV for every 10 million pounds of recycled material it collects in Dream Machine kiosks and static bins, with the ultimate goal of increasing the U.S. beverage container recycling rate from 34 percent to 50 percent by 2018.

Despite the positive PR that it has enjoyed, the Dream Machine couldn’t avoid creating a bit of controversy, with sustainability watchdogs arguing that the cost of producing and running the interactive kiosks might offset the recycling benefits. They also claim that the promise of receiving rewards will only create more demand for the products—that would no doubt be just fine with PepsiCo.
Maybe the solution would be to encourage consumers to stop using those bottles and cans altogether. Instead, an entrepreneurial mind could invent reusable pop mugs. Before you know it, you could be seeing people line up at a movie theater’s concession stand to order their personal, medium, caffeine-free, half-sweet, no-ice Pepsi. Stranger things have happened.

Myriam Beaugé, Editor in Chief, Tactics Magazine

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Road to Fusion 2011: Social Media for Leasing

The next time you log on to Facebook to visit your favorite mall’s fan page, you might stumble upon more than special event rosters and sales promotions. You might also find content focused on leasing.

It seems that shopping centers are discovering that social media can be just as effective in reaching potential tenants, as it is to communicate with consumers. A very quick search on Google led me to several Facebook pages related to leasing, including Madison Marquette’s promotional video for University Mall and a Facebook group that Martinsburg Mall created to back its bid to attract an American Eagle Outfitters (AE) store. Martinsburg Mall’s goal is to encourage 5,000 people to join its group. Once it does, the mall’s leasing rep intends to take the information to AE.

“Do you get it? We need to show American Eagle Outfitters that there are people who will buy from them if they come to Martinsburg Mall,” the Facebook message reads.
“We Must Get to 5,000 people! Make a difference in your community and let’s get American Eagle to Martinsburg Mall!”

Madison Marquette’s video is a broad outreach effort, while the AE “petition” is a promotional trick that is specifically targeted to one retailer. What unites them is a desire to make leasing campaigns more noticeable, more interactive and even entertaining. It’s a world beyond the traditional (and often dry) leasing brochures of the past.

The delegates at the upcoming Fusion Conference will have a chance to delve into this subject more deeply, thanks to a Fusion Academy class entitled, “Using Social Media to Lease Your Property.”
Students will find out how to use social media properly, what some best practices are for landlords and how to reach specialty-leasing retailers more effectively. They’ll also learn which programs to use, how to track leasing campaign results and what resources are at their disposal, including useful websites and social media tools. Helping marketers to make sense of it all will be instructors Jen Augustyn, principal and director of new media at The Dealey Group; and Corbett Guest, CEO of Imaginuity Interactive.

Can’t make it? No problem. We’ll share our class notes with you in our Fusion Conference feature. Until then, allow yourself to spend a little time on social media sites. You might just find your next specialty leasing marketing idea.

Myriam Beaugé, Editor in Chief, Tactics Magazine

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